FORT JACKSON, SC -- Fort Jackson's Network Enterprise Center recently received training to institute a new web-based program aimed at providing better customer service.

The new trouble-ticket system, Remedy Information Technology Service Management, will eventually allow users to submit their own work orders, instead of relying on unit IT specialists to do so.

"ITSM is, simply put, a way for the NEC to manage and track anything that causes a disruption to information technology services whether an end-user reports the issue or not," said Andria McDonald, project director with NCI Information Systems Inc., the company that is implementing the program. "We know if we don't do our job well, the Soldier will suffer. Supporting the war fighter is our number one duty, above everything else."

In the past each installation had its own system for reporting computer problems. The new system is web based, which means it can be accessed from any computer. Currently, the system is only available to computer specialists, such as information management officers. The program is expected to eventually be instituted Army-wide.

"If this program is implemented throughout the Army as a whole, then we have the ability to efficiently process service management delivery to our customer base anytime, anywhere," said Jesus RosaVelez, Fort Jackson NEC director.

"It's like calling your general '800' customer service number for your products at home. You communicate with a service representative who may not be at Fort Jackson and your request or inquiries are routed to the nearest service center."

This new system means that on-post IT personnel will spend less time answering phones and more time fixing computer problems.

"The new trouble ticket system will allow us to better serve our customers," said Tammy Cunningham, chief, NEC Customer Service Center. "We will be able to focus on user requirements instead of fielding telephone calls."

Although currently only IT professionals can use Remedy, other users can still get assistance by calling 751-GNEC or 751-DOIM. IT professionals who have not been trained on using Remedy can download classes via AKO at https:// mil/suite/files/20298941. Weekly training is available at https://connect.dco.dod. mil/ itsmtraining.

Call 751-GNEC for informtaion.

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