<b> FORT STEWART, Ga. </b>- The 139th Military Police Company, 385th Military Police Battalion was formed a little more than two and a half years ago, making them the youngest MP company in the battalion.

In the short time they have existed, they have accomplished a plethora of amazing tasks, said Col. Stuart McRae, the 3rd Infantry Division rear detachment commander.

"They deployed to the most dangerous area of Iraq," he said. "They supported and trained more than 5,000 Iraqi military police. They completed more than 1,200 patrols, more than 700 combined training events, more than 900 meetings with key leaders throughout their area of operations, more than 100 community police patrols and they maintained more than 30 combined check points.

"But what I find most amazing is that over the course of this past year, although they came close a couple of times, every Soldier that deployed with the 139th came home with the 139th," he continued.

On Feb. 16, the 139th MP Co. marched across Cottrell Field at Fort Stewart, greeted by friends, Family and well wishers for their welcome home ceremony after a year-long deployment to Iraq.

"He's been gone for 12 months," said Tifanie Osborn, wife of Spc. Dain Osborn. "I can't wait to give him a big hug. I can't wait to just spend some time with him."

Many other friends and Family Members echoed Tifanie's sentiments.

"I want to hug the stuffings out of him. I want to hold his face and know he's here," said Holly Thompson, mother of Spc. Tony Thompson. "He's my baby, he's our Soldier, and he was over there protecting us. We're so proud of him. There is no limit for the amount of pride that we have for our son."

Specialist Thompson has some big plans for his return, said his fiancAfA, Daniele Inkenbrandt.
"We're getting married!" she exclaimed.

They were engaged for more than six months before Spc. Thompson deployed and now that he is home, they are both hearing wedding bells.

"I don't care if you are in the field here looking into the bleachers, or in the bleachers looking into the field here, this is a great sight," said Col. McRae. "I just want to say to the Soldiers of the 139th, 'Well done!' We hold your service in great esteem and are very proud of the work that you've done. On behalf of the United States of America, the Army and your Families, welcome home."

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