BAGHDAD - Iraqi soldiers from 5th Brigade, 2nd Federal Police Division and U.S. Soldiers with 5th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, visited Sadiyah Feb. 10 to hand out food, blankets and heaters to citizens of Iraq.
The joint mission, called Operation Helping Hands, afforded the Iraqi Security Forces an opportunity to help their fellow Iraqis.
"We appreciate the help from the American Forces today for the operation, especially when they are giving humanitarian aid to the Iraqi citizens," said Brig. Gen. Faisal Malikmhsen Al Zamili, 5/2 FP commander. "There are a lot of poor families that live here, and they really need the help. It proves that we are all one team, one family, and we are all working towards the same objective."
The ISF and 5/7 Cavalry asked the local shaykh to organize the poorest 100 citizens of Sadiyah to receive the humanitarian aid drop.
"Today, we wanted to further our relationship with the 5/2 FP and do a joint humanitarian aid job right outside of Contingency Operating Station Falcon," said 1st Lt. Michael Angeli, 721st Civil Affairs Team chief. "The best part of it is that you show the people of Iraq that don't have much that the coalition forces and ISF care about them still."
This is the first of many planned humanitarian aid drops for 1st Brigade Combat Team-Augmented.
"We plan on doing these humanitarian aid drops all over Iraq," said Angeli. "As the ISF takes over from the coalition forces, we'll be doing more joint aid drops and more joint operations with the ISF."
The most amazing part of the operation for Brig. Gen. Faisal was 5/7 Cavalry's ability to perform both assistance and protection for the Iraqi citizens together with his battalion.
"They are giving humanitarian aid with the friendly forces as well as full spectrum joint operations with Iraqi Forces on the battlefield, to present help for the citizens of Iraq, as well as protect them," he said.
The benefits were substantial, according to Angeli.
"I believe it strengthens their confidence in their young democracy they have," Angeli said. "It also gives them faith that the Iraqi Police are there to help them, not only as an acting force, arresting bad people, but a community police as well."

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