CAMP ADDER, Iraq - The 36th Sustainment Brigade and Shaykh Uday Aber Fahed Al Shrshap, of the Bdure Tribe, hosted a key leader engagement Jan. 20 at Al Shrshap's home to strengthen the relationship between U.S. forces and the local population.
Col. Sean A. Ryan, commander of the 36th Sust. Bde. out of Temple, Texas, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) had lunch with the shaykhs and discussed upcoming projects.
Ryan said the meeting was important because he had only been able to meet with the area leaders once since the unit's arrival in country.

"We have not been able to get out there and do a key leader engagement with (al Shrshap) for some time," said Ryan, a Cedar Park, Texas, native. "I have not been able to go out there just to let them know that we appreciate what he has done to keep it safe for us and that he continues to support U. S. troops in the area."
Ryan said Al Shrshap has fulfilled some logistical contracts in the past and is working on a couple of projects for U.S. forces.

"As the leader of the Bdure Tribe, Shaykh Uday (Al Shrshap) understands the relationships between the Iraqi people and U.S. Forces is imperative for continued partnership as the military begins to downsize ," said Ryan. "He is just (letting) us know that he has manpower, he has logistics and he has trucks, so if there is something he can do for us, he is available to do it."
Al Shrshap said, through an interpreter, the meeting was important and that he and Ryan should work together "to strengthen the relationship between the American and Iraqi parts and talk about the (upcoming) work between the two sides."

Al Shrshap said he and his tribe want to continue to be a part of American security and will continue to support the troops with their mission.
Ryan said these types of meetings are important in keeping a good rapport in the area surrounding Camp Adder.
"It gives us a chance to talk through any issues that the local populace may (have)," he said.

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