Congratulations to the following winners of the Army Arts and Crafts Contest from Redstone Arsenal:
Accomplished category --
Angela Sekerak, drawing, Aca,!A"Freed,Aca,!A? first place
Linda Morton, drawing, Aca,!A"Anemones,Aca,!A? honorable mention
Leslie Wood, fibers and textiles, Aca,!A"Small Green Collage Bag,Aca,!A? third place
Leslie Wood, metal and jewelry, Aca,!A"African Shield Series Flower,Aca,!A? third place
Linda Morton, mixed media 2D, Aca,!A"Ballerinas In the Breeze,Aca,!A? honorable mention
Leslie Wood, mixed media 3D, Aca,!A"Red Junk Angel,Aca,!A? third place
Linda Morton, water base painting, Aca,!A"Brake Wheel,Aca,!A? third place
George Tatum, water base painting, Aca,!A"From Cotton Fields to the Moon,Aca,!A? honorable mention
Novice category --
Joshua Hanson, drawings, Aca,!A"Janie,Aca,!A? second place
Patricia Tatum, glass, Aca,!A"3 Dolphins Swimming,Aca,!A? first place
Joshua Hanson, mixed media 3D, Aca,!A"Jamie,Aca,!A? third place
Gary Braden, water base painting, Aca,!A"America Art,Aca,!A? first place
Charles Mullins, wood, Aca,!A"Grandfather Clock,Aca,!A? second place
David Wilson, wood, Aca,!A"The Keep,Aca,!A? third place

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