HR conference benefits local warriors, equips them with 'need-to-know' info
Sgt. Maj. Tony Cespedes, 8th Theater Sustainment Command G-1, briefs attendees at the two-day Human Resources Conference, Nov. 23-24, at the Schofield Barracks Post Conference Room.

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS - The operational tempo of today\'s Army has affected every facet of a Soldier's life - from awards, to pay, to educational benefits.

Human resources leaders from the 8th Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) and other units took some time out of their busy schedules to meet at the Post Conference Room, here, Nov. 23-24, to iron out standard operating procedures in order to take care of their ultimate customer, the Soldier.

"That is why we exist as human resources specialists, to take care of the men and women in our Army," said Sgt. Maj. Tony Cespedes, 8th TSC G-1.

More than 60 human resources specialists attended the two-day conference, hosted by the 8th TSC. The attendees were briefed by the 8th TSC career counselor, Sgt. Maj. Brad McDonell, on the specifics of the new Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Leaders from the Warrior Transition Unit also briefed Soldiers on the process for wounded warriors, and the Judge Advocate General's office spoke at length about "line of duty" investigations.

One major change discussed at the conference was the Deployment Extension Incentive Program, or DEIP. According to a Pentagon military personnel message, DEIP is an Active Army incentive program designed to encourage enlisted Soldiers who do not intend to re-enlist to extend their service voluntarily in order to complete a deployment with the unit to which they are currently assigned.

"(DEIP) is a great program for Soldiers who are coming up on their ETS (expiration, term of service) to extend their enlistment so that they can voluntarily stay with their unit during a deployment," Cespedes said. "The Soldier can make some extra money, and the unit benefits by keeping an experienced Soldier on the team."

The U.S. Army-Pacific G-1 briefed conference attendees on the approval process for personnel actions. Cespedes said that his goal for the conference was to speed up the personnel actions process and set one standard across all 8th TSC units.

"Some Soldiers were leaving our command without awards because of simple things like misspellings on award recommendation forms," he said. "This conference literally got all of us on the same page."

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