Signal leaders inform status of the regiment
Eight Noncommissioned Officers are inducted into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club during a ceremony held Dec. 2 at Fort Gordon, Ga., to start the 2nd Annual U.S. Army Signal Conference. (Charmain Z. Brackett is a correspondent for "The Signal" newspaper at Fort Gordon, Ga.

FORT GORDON, Ga. -- (The Signal newspaper) More than 600 "Signalers" returned home this week. The 2nd Annual U.S. Army Signal Conference began Dec. 1 at Fort Gordon, Ga., with visits to Forward Operating Base Dunham, Battle Lab and WIN-T at General Dynamics and a warrant officer forum.

"I'm excited about the agenda and excited to bring the Regiment home to get updated on what is happening with the regiment," said Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Foley, Fort Gordon commanding general and U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence commandant.

A lot of information was provided about the state of the Signal Regiment. "There's a lot going on. It's very, very important for them to tell the world, tell the troops, tell the Army," he said.

Fort Gordon officials' providing status information about the regiment was only one piece of the Signal conference.

"We haven't got it all figured out. We need their help; we need their feedback and input," he said.

Break-out sessions for general officers, colonels, warrant officers and sergeants major were integral to the conference.

"We have 80 sergeants major," said Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas Clark, Fort Gordon and U.S. Signal Corps command sergeant major. "We need feedback from the field."

Issues before them focused on Soldier quality of life, said Clark.

Foley said a highlight of the week was the Distinguished Members of the Regiment Dinner and the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club induction held Dec. 2 at Alexander Hall.

"This is the Year of the NCO. We started the year with a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club induction in January," said Foley.

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