ABV fielded with Marines
Marines use the Assault Breacher Vehicle to break mine fields. The ABV is built at Anniston Army Depot and first deployed with troops in September.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Assault Breacher Vehicles deployed now with troops in the Middle East are a symbol of success for workers at Anniston Army Depot after a roll-out ceremony here May 14 recognized the production of the ABV and another vehicle, the Joint Assault Bridge.

Since July 2008, the depot has delivered more than 30 ABVs to the Marines and six to the Army. Until the vehicleAca,!a,,cs recent debut in theater, the ABV was fielded for training purposes.

Aca,!A"The use of this vehicle in the battlefield is the direct result of the hard work by so many who have worked together to get this invaluable equipment into the hands of the warfighter,Aca,!A? said James Coley, depot program manager for the ABV.

Anniston uses a refurbished M1 chassis and mates the configured hull with the turret, which is produced here using new materials. The ABV is equipped with a .50-caliber machine gun and a front-mounted mine plow.

The pathway of production leading to the deployment of the ABV wasnAca,!a,,ct traveled by Anniston Army Depot alone. The Marine Corps Systems Command designed the vehicle and employed the depotAca,!a,,cs skilled workforce to produce it. The ABV and JAB programs are successful due to collaboration among the depot, the USMC and the U.S. Army Program Executive Office.

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