CONTINGENCY OPERATING LOCATION SPEICHER, Iraq - Family is never too far away at Contingency Operating Location Speicher, Iraq, where not one, but two father and son teams are stationed together.

When Spc. Michael R. Myers, a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter repairer for D Company, 225th Aviation Regiment out of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, mobilized to go to Iraq, his father, Staff Sgt.
Norman G. Myers, a truck driver for the 724th Transportation Company out of Bartonville, Ill., said he decided to volunteer to join him.

While this is Michael Myers' first deployment, Norman Myers is on his fourth deployment in his 27-year Army career.

"I found the 724th and joined them so I could come over here with him," said Norman Myers, a Centralia, Ill., native.

Although the pair live on different parts of the base and work different shifts, they find time to spend together.

"By the time I get off work, it is time for him to get up and go to work," said Norman Meyers. "I come over and we eat chow, sit around, talk for a little bit, and visit with the people he works with."

Michael Myers, a Centralia, Ill., native, said having his father here with him makes him feel more at home in Iraq.

"Honestly, sometimes I forget we are deployed," he said.

Spc. Brandon M. Lester, a cavalry scout for B Troop, 1st Battalion, 98th Cavalry Regiment out of Booneville, Miss., and his father Sgt. Duane A. Lester, a truck commander for the same unit, are in the same platoon and go out on missions together.

Brandon Lester, a Hickory Flat, Miss., native, said having his father here gives him someone to talk with about home and conduct physical training with.

"(It's) pretty neat - I get to have family here," said Brandon Lester. "Last night I went running with the man ... I have someone I can talk to that kind of can relate."

Both father and son said they enjoy having someone from home to talk to.

"I can talk to him on the same level as everyone else, but then again we can talk about family stuff," said Duane Lester, also a Hickory Flat, Miss., native.

The elder Lester said he had previously served in the Marine Corps as an air frame mechanic, but was on a break in service when his son joined. He thought he was too old to re-enlist, but he and his son spoke to the recruiter the same day and enlisted together, he said.

Duane Lester said he never gets nervous about his son going on missions because they always go together.

"He is usually in the vehicle right behind my vehicle, so I know where he is all the time," said Duane Lester.

"We all have good radio communication ... We've got a good group we are with."

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