Picatinny's PEO AMMO receives new leadership
(From left) Dean G. Popps, acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, passes an organizational flag to Col. Jonathan A. Maddux, Program Executive Officer for Ammunition, here Sept. 18. This act symbolizes the transfer of PEO Ammunition authority to Maddux.

The Program Executive Office for Ammunition welcomed a new leader during a ceremony here Sept. 18.

Col. Jonathan A. Maddux, Picatinny's senior commander, assumed responsibility for PEO Ammunition during a well-attended ceremony.

Dean G. Popps, acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, officiated the ceremony in which the audience of several hundred bade farewell to current Program Executive Officer for Ammunition James Sutton.

The Program Executive Officer for Ammunition is responsible for the life-cycle acquisition management of all conventional ammunition, which includes integrating budgets, acquisition strategies, research and development and life-cycle management across all ammunition families.

Lt. Gen. N. Ross Thompson III, military deputy to the acting assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, also spoke at the ceremony.

Thompson said he knew Maddux was the right person for this important position, citing Maddux's lengthy resume that includes jobs as chief of staff in the office of the assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology and several project and product manager positions.

Popps echoed Thompson's sentiments, saying Maddux is first-rate leader whose work will make a difference to the Army.

He also noted that Oct. 7 of this year will begin the ninth year of overseas contingency operations.

"You've had a tough, tough time going to war and keeping up with the all demands of war and you've performed absolutely magnificently," he told Sutton and the PEO Ammunition employees.

"It's said that success comes from having the proper aim as well as the right ammunition," Popps said. "I would add that it's also important to have the right amount of ammunition as well, and that's what you do."

In his final address to the community, Sutton thanked the entire PEO Ammunition community and emphasized the importance of the work they do.

He noted the PEO's technological accomplishments in precision munitions and counter-IED and counter-mine technology. And while the organization has achieved much, he encouraged each team member to continue to strive everyday to get the best available technology to service members.

Saying that he had big shoes to fill, Maddux promised to not lose sight of the mission of serving the fighting troops. He also spoke about the importance of continued teamwork between the Army ammunition organizations that support of the warfighter.

"We must continue to work together to make sure our warfigthers are properly equipped for what lies ahead by continuing to build a smoothly-operating, highly-efficient center of ammunition excellence," he said.

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