If you are headed to the AUSA Annual Meeting this year, be sure to visit the Army G-4 exhibit at booth 2131. Its six stations of logistics technology and high-tech tools are guaranteed to capture your attention.

In coordination with the Logistics Innovation Agency, the exhibit will feature:

<b>The Freedrop Packaging Concept Project</b>
A method of aerial delivery that uses innovative packaging to safely drop supplies from an aircraft without a parachute

<b>The Low-Cost Low-Altitude Parachute</b>
Another method of aerial resupply that is currently used in Afghanistan to resupply units in remote locations

<b>The Unmanned Robotic Forklift</b>
A system whose name says it all, this forklift is still under development, but will provide great benefits to warehouse management once fielded

<b>Condition-Based Maintenance Plus</b>
A proactive equipment maintenance capability that can identify and predict functional failure

<b>Next Generation Wireless Communications for Logistics Applications</b>
A technology integration effort, focusing on cutting-edge wireless mesh networking technology and sensors to enhance asset visibility to the Warfighter

<b>360A,Ao Logistics Readiness</b>
A program that provides synchronization of materiel readiness to assist Army leaders in assessing both the current and future state of Army logistics support

And while you are at the G-4 exhibit, don't forget to stay for a showing of the G-4 video, "Always There. Always Ready."

The <i><a href="www.ausa.org">2009 AUSA Annual Meeting</a></i> will be held from 5-7 October at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Exhibit hall hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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