Crespo: 'Army not just for show'
Sgt. Rosangela Crespo, 171st Infantry Brigade, plans to transfer to the active guard reserve and eventually retire from the Army.

Rank, name
Sgt. Rosangela Crespo

HHC, 171st Infantry Brigade

Military Occupational
Specialty / Job title
42A, human resource specialist

Years in service

Two children

Highest education
High School

Drawing (using different types of textures and mediums)Aca,!E+and dance

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- For more than a year now, Sgt. Rosangela Crespo - a Reservist on active duty - has worked as a human resource specialist for the 171st Infantry Brigade. Crespo said she has found the work rewarding, and she wants to stay on active duty.

"I want to go AGR -- active guard reserve," Crespo said. "My father was in the military. He retired after 24 years. I want to follow in his footsteps," she added.

Crespo also explained that active guard reserve is when Soldiers in the National Guard have a continuous assignment that might last for several years.

Though she has only served a few years in the Army and has not had a deployment yet, Crespo gleaned much insight and know-how from her leaders. And like countless other NCOs, she advises new recruits to seek good mentorship and positive role models.

"(One of my past supervisors) motivated me. She told me to always try to be at my best and to earn my rank," Crespo said. "The Army is not just for show. You are actually doing something."

Crespo said her future goals consist of earning a rank above sergeant first class, becoming a middle-school teacher and being a better mom to her two sons.

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