Tiger Brigade ready to drive advisor training mission
Soldiers undergoing PMI at Fort Riley, Kan., use weapon skids, heavy wood tables and wall-mounted targets for accurate bore--light procedures.

FORT POLK, La. -- As Soldiers of the 162nd Infantry Brigade get ready to take over the Army mission of training combat advisors, they got their turn in the driver's seat while visiting a small group advisor cadre at Fort Riley, Kan.

Members from 1st Battalion, 353rd Infantry Regiment recently returned from a "right-seat ride" with Soldiers of the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. From July 16-22 July, the command team from 1st Battalion, 353rd Infantry Regiment, to include all company commanders and first sergeants, spent time observing combat advisor training in Fort Riley, Kan.

Soldiers from 1st Battalion focused on preliminary marksmanship instruction for small arms and conducted small arms ranges.
"Interacting with the Soldiers currently conducting the combat advisor mission provides us with invaluable experience," said Maj. Jeremy Moore, executive officer, 1st Bn, 353rd Inf Reg. "Being able to garner lessons learned from the organization which has been conducting this mission for many years provides us the insight we need to improve upon our training methods, and it will allow us to provide the highest quality training possible to deploying advisors."

At Fort Riley, the PMI classes were taught in a round robin fashion which included PMI classes on the M9 pistol, M4 carbine and M203 grenade launcher. The classes also included optics instruction for the M4, bore-lighting, the Engagement Skills Trainer, and the Laser Marksmanship Training System.

"Quality preliminary marksmanship instruction is the cornerstone for combat advisor weapons qualification," Moore said. "Training with 1st Bde, 1st Inf Div allowed us to gather and refine techniques to ensure future combat advisors receive world-class training at Fort Polk."

Observing training in Fort Riley provided 1st Battalion with valuable information and ideas to implement into training conducted at Fort Polk. Combat advisors will experience similar training at Fort Polk as the mission officially transfers from Fort Riley on Aug. 31. Currently, facilities in the 162nd footprint are being finished to accommodate the combat advisor training.

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