Captain David Harlan, commander of the 396th Trans. Co., 87th CSSB, 3rd Sustainment Bde. stands in front of his company during the Casing of the Guidon Ceremony, Aug. 6. The 396th Trans. Co. deployed to Iraq, Aug. 8 for a 12-month deployment.

<b> FORT STEWART, Ga. </B>Starting from scratch and standing up the company with virtually nothing, the 396th Transportation Company, 87th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Brigade has had a long road to travel.

They have spent countless hours training and preparing for their deployment, but it finally paid off Aug. 8 when approximately 142 Soldiers departed Fort Stewart and headed to Iraq for a 12-month deployment.

"Having watched the 396th start from scratch in October and become the great unit it is today, I take great pride in their Soldiers' commitment, courage, confidence and dedication," said Lt. Col. Kimberly Daub, 87th CSSB commander. "They have come a long way, and I am truly proud of them."

Captain David Harlan, commander of the 396th Trans. Co., remarked on how proud he was of his unit and how they've come such a long way in such a short time.

"It was a much smaller 396th that took this field in October," said Capt. Harlan. "Starting from nothing, the 396th has become a full transportation company, trained and ready to deploy to Iraq. Over the last nine months, the company has gotten larger, stronger and more proficient every day, as it will continue to do so in the next year."

Before departing, the company held the traditional Casing of the Guidon Ceremony, Aug. 6. It gave Family Members and friends a chance to say their final goodbyes before the company's deployment.

The responsibility of a command team taking their unit forward fully trained is one that all commanders and first sergeants live for, said the master of ceremony. This is their opportunity to show their skill in battle.

"Our Soldiers and the people who support them remain the single most important thing to our success," said Lt. Col. Daub. "They represent the values and ideals our country stands for and what is truly great about America."

"We are the backbone of logistics," Capt. Harlan stated. "Remember that nothing happens until something moves. Transportation rocks the nation."

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