Combat Team unveiled their colors during a military transfer of authority ceremony here Aug.1.

"Know what your legacy will be and live up to it, said Col. Daniel Hokanson, the 41st IBCT commander. "What lies ahead are long days that make up a short year."

Brig. Gen. Michael Lally, commanding general of the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), highlighting the rich history of the 41st IBCT, including heroic contributions during World War I and II, and vital humanitarian aid during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Lally also spoke of the IBCT's role during 2004-05 Operation Iraqi Freedom, where they helped to pave the way for the first free election in Iraq in over 35 years; of the 1200 Soldiers from the brigade who trained the Afghanistan Army and police.
Finally, he spoke of the eight soldiers in the brigade's 2nd Battalion, 162 Infantry Regiment who paid the ultimate price for their country.

Lally then reminded the 41st that they will be writing another chapter in their honorable history this year, as they join the 3d ESC to perform convoy security and force protection missions.

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