BAGHDAD - U.S. military forces continue to train and enable Iraqi Security Forces as the June 30 deadline for a responsible with drawl from Iraqi cities draws near.

A military police transition team from the 463rd Military Police Company "Solid Warriors," 93rd Military Police Battalion, 8th Military Police Brigade, trained with the local Iraqi police of the al-Mansour district of Baghdad, June, 24.

"Every day we train to maintain our standard as well as train and observe the local Iraqi police to enhance their performance," said Staff Sgt. Maurice Rice, a squad leader from Chicago, assigned to the 463rd MP Co. "Each day before we leave to train with the IP, we have a mission brief and conduct a rehearsal on some things we may possibly experience while training with the IP."

Soldiers conduct rehearsals before each mission to ensure everyone is familiar with their duties as well as the duties of their battle buddies. The idea is to have the Soldiers trained well enough to react to dangerous situations as if it were second nature. Training is imperative to being proficient.

"You know as the saying goes, if you don't use it, you lose it," said Rice.

"The local police here in al-Mansour have sufficient police skills and security is excellent here, but there are a few areas that need improvement," said Rice. "We want to show them the importance of continuous training to make them more proficient as police and it will help them maintain the skills they have already learned."

The local IP have already incorporated a few of the suggestions made by the Solid Warriors such as the guard mount. Station commander, Lt. Col. Abbas inspects the weapons and appearance of the police at the beginning of each shift. While inspecting the policemen, he stressed the importance of appearance. He said appearance is vital, and is a direct reflection of the policemen and the police station. Guard mount, a technique adopted by the Iraqi Police from the Coalition forces, ensures the IP are mentally and physically prepared to perform their duties before going on shift.

"Community policing is the act of getting to know people of the community and making them aware the IP are there to keep them safe," said Rice. "The IP will be much more proficient once they fully grasp the concept of community policing."

The continuous training by the Solid Warriors has made the IP of al-Mansour more proficient as policemen. In turn, the proficiency of the IP has made al-Mansour area an example for all of Iraq.

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