BAGHDAD - Iraqi Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 54th Army Brigade, 6th Infantry Division, held a ceremony at Joint Security Station Kahdra, June 10 to celebrate the transfer of authority from C Troop, 5th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division which was a direct result of the Iraqi Security Agreement and the teamwork of the Iraqi Security Forces, Coalition force and the Iraqi people.

"The transfer of JSS Kahdra is another way of validating the work Iraqi Security Forces have done with the aid of Coalition force for so long," said Capt. Maxwell Scott, a native of Fairfax, Va., who is an intelligence officer assigned to C Troop. "This ceremony not only represents the advent of a modern, more unified Iraq but it also signifies the strength of the CF to work with the citizens of Iraq to develop a brighter future."

CF have conducted several joint operations with the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police over the years to advise them on how to increase security and improve the area. The CF mentored ISF during joint patrols and taught them how to interact with the local people while gathering intelligence which, in turn, established a strong bond between the ISF, CF and the people of Iraq.

"The teamwork of the ISF, CF and the Iraqi people have been the driving force of progress in Iraq," said Capt. Dustin Navarro, a Dallas native and commander of C Troop. "It will continue to be the driving force for the return to normalcy because of the sacrifices made."

The ISF have sacrificed their lives for their nation and the people have been doing the same, according to Navarro. "Local Iraqis have allowed the CF and the ISF to use their homes as bases and at risk of their own lives, come forth with intelligence to help the ISF and the CF defeat insurgents" Navarro continued.

Not so long ago the area was a center of insurgent activity, but due to the courage of the Iraqi people speaking out against the insurgents and the determination of the ISF with the aid of the CF, the attacks have dwindled significantly, Navarro continued. Now hearing of an attack in the area is more of a surprise than a common occurrence.

"Due to the Iraqi Security Agreement and the improved security created by the joint efforts of the ISF, CF and the Iraqi people the CF will be transferring JSS Khadra to the Iraqi Army and moving out of the city," said Navarro. "Just because the CF are leaving, doesn't mean we are gone; we will continue to conduct combined operations with the IA and the IP with approval by the Government of Iraq."

Teamwork and selfless-service by the troops at JSS Khadra have greatly improved the security here in Baghdad and made it possible for the ISF to meet the terms of the Iraq Security Agreement and take full control of the security in Khadra.

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