KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - He has been a dual-hatter for two years, and fittingly there were two official ceremonies bracketing his departure. Brig. Gen. Jon J. Miller served as the deputy commanding general of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command and as the commander of the 7th Civil Support Command since June 2007.

On June 19, the day before his change of command ceremony, the 21st TSC held a retreat ceremony on Panzer Kaserne in his honor.

Miller, who served as the officiating officer, used his remarks to speak of the respect the men and women in military uniform are so rightfully accorded.

"I want you all to know what a privilege it is for my family and I to have served with you. I don't say that lightly, for as most of you know, I am an Army Reservist on active duty. I don't get the privilege and honor of wearing this uniform every day," he said.

He observed that there may be as many reasons for young people to join the military and for professionals to stay in uniform as there are Soldiers. Yet, as far as public regard is concerned, there is no ambiguity.

"In fact, there is a poll taken every year to determine what Americans think about their government, society and culture. Year after year - number one on that list - before the courts, before the media, before the politicians, even before the church and every other institution in America, the people hold the military - the men and women in uniform - highest in their respect, their admiration and their regard," he said.

Many Americans may not know too much about military service, its structure and missions, but they know it involves hardship and sacrifice - and that it deserves respect, he said.

"You earn it when you volunteer to leave your home, put yourself in harms way and when you live the Army values - when you are truthful, honest and selfless," he said.

He paid his respect to the 21st TSC and the 7th CSC as well.

"Within this great Army, we have a logistics corps unlike any in the world. In this corps, there is none better than the 21st TSC. There is no footprint bigger than the 21st TSC logistics footprint that covers all of Europe and Africa," he said.

"Tomorrow, I will give up command of the 7th Civil Support Command. It is one of two U.S. Army Reserve General Officer Commands assigned to the active component, and it is the only reserve command stationed outside the territorial U.S. For two years, the command has been focused on transformation.

First, relocating its headquarters from Schwetzingen to Kaiserslautern, and then by changing its structure and training its ranks for its new consequence management and civil affairs missions," Miller said.

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