SGT Butarbutar - IT Network Administrator 78th Signal Battalion
The words duty, honor, and country have been used for years to describe the American Soldier but the image of this motto should include SGT Butarbutar. He is regarded by all in United States Army Japan as the noblest of Soldiers with the finest military character, and as one of the most dependable. His morals and ethics have never been questioned by his leadership, they trust him to make the correct decision and train his Soldiers to exceed the standard. During SGT Butarbutar's seven years of service, he has accomplished some interesting achievements and has been given numerous responsibilities. More specifically, in the last two years while assigned to the 78th Signal Battalion, SGT Butarbutar has excelled in every arena possible making him a well rounded leader and a true professional as well as an honorable representative of the Asian Pacific American community.....SGT Butarbutar is a devoted member of the Knights of Columbus who in turn provide services for his church. Their main contribution is the efforts placed in collecting donations and providing clothes, food, and cooking utensils for poor families in the community. As a founding member of the Zama Chapter of the Knights of Columbus, SGT Butarbutar takes pride in assisting the work force in overcoming discrimination and eliminating barriers that hinder equal opportunity for Asian Pacific Americans and other minorities in the Armed Forces. For this, SGT Butarbutar was awarded the Federal Asian/Pacific American Council (FAPAC) award by the Department of the Army.

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