Fort Riley hosts eight Boy Scout troops for Scout Riley Day
Boy scouts of varying ages listen as the tools of the cavalry trade are explained by Spc. David Williams and Spc. James Reimers during Scout Riley Day on May 16.

FORT RILEY, Kan. - On May 16, Boy Scouts of America from Kansas as well as Nebraska and Missouri took the day to scout Fort Riley as during the annual Scout Riley Day.

The eight troops were divided into different groups and then taken to one of four different sites. Sites on the tour were Main Post fire house, the Engagement Skills Trainer, both the U.S. Cavalry Museum and the First Infantry Museum, and a presentation by the Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard at the Stuart Avenue Stable.

At the Engagement Skills Trainer, Building 7739, scouts got the opportunity to take part in simulations and shoot M-16s.

During Scout Riley day, Spc. David Williams and Spc. James Reimers of the CGMCG gave their first presentation. As the boys watched, they showed off weapons such as the light saber that would have been used by cavalrymen. They also talked about the uniforms and why the pants were a lighter color than the coats.

Mark Zillinger, a scout leader from Troop 59 from Topeka, said Scout Riley Day was a good experience for the scouts, because it exposed them to things they didn't get to see every day.

"It's been very good," he said.

Once Fort Riley had been fully scouted, he said his troop planned to camp for the night at Moon Lake.

Reimers and Williams both said their first presentation went well and they enjoyed sharing a part of history with the scouts.

"It's almost like transporting them back to a different time," said Williams, adding that many times, scouts read about history in school but never actually get to see the things the books talk about.

Reimers said it was good for the boys to see new and different things and learn about the CGMCG and Fort Riley.

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