Over the Top
Soldiers from the 23rd Quartermaster Brigade, spent Saturday morning at Fort Lee, Va., testing their skills on the obstacle course during the brigade's Honor Company Competition. The day's events included scenarios Soldiers would experience in combat situations.

Fort Lee, Va. (March 26, 2009) -- Facing the cold morning air, Soldiers from the 23rd Quartermaster Brigade battled for honor and glory while testing their skills Saturday.

Companies U and W of the 266th QM Battalion and Company H of the 244th QM Bn., competed in six events that would earn one of them the coveted title of Honor Company. Earlier battalion-level competitions determined which companies would compete at the brigade level.

The quarterly competition began with the Army Physical Fitness Test. Each company, consisting of approximately 90 Soldiers in six squads, competed in events that tested their knowledge, skills and abilities as members of America's fighting force. Each company commander, executive officer, first sergeant and nine cadre members were embedded into the squads.

The units moved into three presence patrol events that consisted of cordon and search, meet and greet, and urban operations scenarios. Other events included an entry control point scenario and the obstacle course.

The companies gathered at the airborne hangar to hear Col. Terrance Hildner, 23rd QM Bde. commander, announce the winner.

Hildner told the Soldiers that they were responsible for themselves and their achievements.

"If something you did today did not sit well with you, then look to yourself to make changes," he said. "You are an individual in the Army and the Army is a team. The team is only as strong as its weakest link."

Co. W, led by Capt. Robert Shaw and 1st Sgt. Jeffrey Campbell, cheered and waved a large red flag bearing the letter W as they claimed the title.

This marks the second occasion Co. W has taken the honor company identifier in the last three quarters.

Campbell said seeing the Soldiers win the day's challenges provided proof that they are ready to move on in their careers.

"This is what they have been preparing for," Campbell said. "It confirms in their hearts that they are ready to go to the operational Army and be successful."

The competition helps to keep unit morale high among the Soldiers as well as the cadre, Campbell said.

"It gives the cadre great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment," he said. "It confirms the countless hours sacrificed by noncommissioned officers ensures each and every Co. W Soldier received the very best training."

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