FORT LEWIS, Wash. - Site work in preparation for the construction of the "Town Center" project will limit parking, change traffic flow and cause planned power outages in a 23-acre parcel of land on the main post.

"We're going to fence the entire site," said Kurt Vick, project manager for Lincoln Property Company. Vick added that the site will be completely fenced by next week and closed to parking by March 16.

The future site of townhomes, shops and restaurants is bordered roughly by Pendleton Avenue to the south, 12th Street to the east, Nevada Avenue to the north and the Fort Lewis Lodge to the west.

"Utah is probably the largest impediment," said Vick, noting that avenue will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the project, expected to take two years. The southern-most lane of Utah will be open to traffic seeking access to the Rainier Inn.

Vick said the traffic lights at the corner of Utah and 12th will be replaced with stop signs. Twelfth will be closed "from time to time," according to Vick.

The Recycle Center off Nevada will be accessible from 41st Division Drive throughout construction, Vick said.

The dozens of cars that park in the fenced area will have flyers placed on their windshields in coming days detailing the imminent closure. Many drivers who park there work at Waller Hall.

Offices expected to be affected by power outages have been notified, Vick said.

Comprehensive plans for the Town Center site will be published in an upcoming issue of the Northwest Guardian.

"The final scope (of the project) is being reviewed and approved," said Kimberlee Schreiber, managing director of Fort Lewis Communities for Equity Residential.

Bob Reinert is a reporter with Fort Lewis' Northwest Guardian.

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