Warrior Country Soldiers go south for HEAT
(from left to right) Staff Sgt. Richard Pierce, 17th Ordinance, serves as a safety supervisor for Staff Sgt. Timothy Robinson, 52nd Ordinance, while Sgt. James Walker and Staff Sgt. Kalimah Shabazz, 538th Ordinance, pulls security during HEAT training. - U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jamal Walker

HUMPHREYS GARRISON - Noncommissioned officers throughout the peninsula gathered Thursday at Camp Humphreys to conduct training certification on the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Egress Assistance Trainer.

The HEAT training class was designed for the NCOs to acquire certification on the HEAT device, enabling them to train more Soldiers on the simulator. The simulator is a modified M1114-up armored vehicle with the capabilities of being rotated and spun around on demand using a joystick.

The purpose of HEAT is to learn how to react from a rollover and the proper way to get out of a vehicle in the event an up-armored or any vehicle is turned on its side or upside down. A rollover is when a vehicle is tipped over due to the path of travel or negligence.

The class began with a class where the six NCOs where briefed on what to expect in the HEAT simulator. This was followed by a short test to find how much they retained during the class. The instructors followed the test with a demonstration of the four drills and the jobs each had to do in order to be certified to teach the course.

The first of the four run battle drills consisted of a four man crew entering the simulated M1114 up-armored vehicle and being turned over 25 and 30 degrees to get familiar with a rollover. Run battle drill two had the crew turned in a rollover of 180 and 360 degrees, followed by run battle drill three where the crew was turned 180 degrees then forced to get out of the vehicle while upside down.

"It was different, we (the crew) were forced to communicate because we were all fighting to get out of the vehicle," said Staff Sgt. Lakisha Session, training NCO, 52nd Ordinance, during the after action report following battle run drill four.

Battle run drill four had the crew simulating a rollover in water. The up-armored vehicle was turned 90 degrees and the entire crew had to get out through one exit point, the gunners hatch, versus battle run drill three where the NCOs could exit out of their respective doors.

Staff Sgt. Paula Nahler, master driver, 25th Ordinance, said the opportunity to have hands on training prepared us for the drill, and the way we turned through each position, helped in case some of us sat in the back or in the driver's seat.

"It is important to know everyone's position despite your rank and title; every Soldier needs to know what the other is going to do and be familiar with their job," added Staff Sgt. Kalimah Shabazz, 538 Ordinance operations NCO in charge.

Once the NCOs became qualified, they discussed among themselves how they were going to run the HEAT simulator with their Soldiers and what points they were going to emphasize.

"We will train in a classroom to be aware of what could happen in a rollover, on the squad level, and after I feel they are aware of all the safety hazards, and are familiar with the training; in the actual simulator," said Staff Sgt. Richard Pierce, master driver, 17th Ordinance.

The HEAT class was the first such class on the peninsula and was applauded by every NCO. The course can be taken not only on USAG-Humphreys, but Camp Carroll and USAG-Casey.
"It was awesome," Shabazz said

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