PILILAAU ARMY RECREATION CENTER, HAWAII -- The 196th Infantry Brigade welcomed its newest company in an activation ceremony held here, Dec. 12. "Activating the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (Provisional) is one of the first steps to transform the unit to do a better job in the future," said Col. James D. George, commander, 196th Infantry Brigade. The new HHC and HC commander is Capt. Sean Donovan; the 1st Sgt. is Michael W. Blankenship.
The new Headquarters and Headquarters company will be responsible for the day-to-day command/control, administrative and logistics support of brigade headquarters personnel; enabling the Brigade Commander and CSM to focus on the primary mission of providing training and support to reserve component units throughout US Army, Pacific.
In addition to activating the new company, the 196th Infantry Brigade added a streamer to it's flag as it received an Army Superior Unit Award for outstanding meritorious service in support of the Global War on Terrorism from Jan 2004 to Apr 2007 ... and the unit's professional, high-quality and responsive support to civilian authorities, reserve and active component units, according to the award orders.
"It's amazing, the number of accomplishments that earned the Superior Unit Award," said George, "Our team of civilians, Reserve and Active Duty components, mobilized 24 RCU units, about 6,200 Soldiers, without any Class A, B, C accidents, added missions, trained an active duty unit, and provided training oversight to civil support teams as they responded throughout the pacific area to weapons of mass destruction incidents. We're a small brigade with a wide range of accomplishments."
The 196th mission supports U.S. Pacific Command's Defense Coordinating Officer and Element for operatons requiring military support to civil authorities in Hawaii, nearby islands and American Samoa. 196th Infantry Brigade is a multi-component unit comprised of Active Duty Army personnel, Reserve and National Guard AGR Soldiers, and Reserve/National Guard Soldiers on COADOS tours with Battalions in Guam, Alaska, and Hawaiian Islands.

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