Mr. Tom McGinnis
Mr. Tom McGinnis is a United States Army Face of Strength. To learn more about Mr. McGinnis and other Faces of Strength, visit

Like others whose sons and daughters have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Tom McGinnis channels his loss into compassion and service. In 2006, Tom's son, Army Specialist Ross A. McGinnis, gave his life to protect fellow Soldiers, throwing himself on a grenade that was tossed into his platoon's Humvee in Adhamiyah, Iraq. Tom has since spent countless hours comforting and counseling the Solders who survived that attack. At ceremonies coinciding with a posthumous Medal of Honor presentation, this grieving father reached out to an audience that included President Bush to foster support for GI education benefits. As Tom puts it, "I do what I do in honor of my son."

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