FORT BELVOIR, Va., - CERDEC's Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate will highlight the latest developments in night vision and electronic sensor technology October 1.

The 2008 Executive Night Vision Technology Exposition will showcase technologies to the Department of Defense military and civilian leaders, and members of Congress.

CERDEC is a subordinate element of the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command.

The single evening event, to be hosted at NVESD at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, is intended to provide participants with a high-level overview of the latest night vision and electronic sensors technology, as well as affording an opportunity to experience a selection of these technologies first hand through interactive demonstrations.

While night vision technology has been a major part of the Army portfolio for many years, current innovations in this area continue to solidify the U.S. Army as the dominant ground force both in the current theater of war and throughout the world.

"NVESD is known world wide, and especially by our forces in the fight, for providing advanced capabilities critical to our Warfighters' success," said Maj. Gen. Fred D. (Doug) Robinson, RDECOM commanding general. "Today their expertise in night vision and sensor technologies is being applied to address new challenges confronting our Soldiers; and will be tomorrow."

Recent advances in NVESD technology have directly impacted the Warfighter in the field, providing real-time information and advanced situational awareness regardless of terrain, environment or time of day.

"The Army is using its advanced night vision sensors in Iraq and Afghanistan 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The capabilities of these critical combat tactical sensors are vital in the asymmetrical fight against terrorism," said Col. Curtis McCoy, U.S. Army G8 Office.

The goal of the event is to familiarize Army and civilian leaders with the scope and breadth of available and emerging night vision and sensor technology so they are in the best position to equip the Soldier in the field.

"We must continue to invest in these technologies and their essential efforts to support our Warfighters in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world. We must ensure the continued force dominance of our Army and our Military," Robinson said.

Event attendees will participate in a series of demonstrations with the latest NVESD systems including 3rd Generation Night Vision systems, Counter Improvised Explosive Devices, advancements in persistent surveillance technology, and biometrics. Demonstrators will discuss the capabilities and importance of these technologies to the Warfighter in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in the ongoing Global War on Terror.

Registration is limited. For more information or to register contact Kim Polk at 703-704-1234.

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