WIESBADEN, Germany - There's still some fine-tuning to do, but postal officials are looking forward to the conclusion of the $1.5 million Postal Service Center renovation project next month.

"We have installed more than 9,000 boxes upstairs and have given the facility a new look, more space, automatic lighting and other features to improve the overall appearance of the facility," said Earl Small, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden postal services officer. "Everything is new, it's laid out well and is more customer service-oriented."

Small said improvements inside the facility such as straighter lanes with fewer doors to improve mail flow and the environmentally friendly lighting which saves the Army money will benefit both the staff and community in the long run.

"We're still doing some fine-tuning," Small said, looking forward to getting the exterior painted to "make it more uniform" and also have signs posted to show the box number range in each location in the newly renovated area.

Postal patrons will once again check their boxes upstairs in the renovated facility starting May 19. The staff of the Postal Service Center will stop placing mail downstairs in the boxes on that date.

"At the close of business on Thursday, May 22, that will be the last time that patrons will have access to the basement," said Small, adding that community members can help facilitate the change by regularly checking their mail and emptying their boxes in the days leading up to May 19. "We're really hoping that people get their mail from downstairs."

While patrons will not have to change their addresses or get new box numbers, they will get new combinations. Letters will be placed in customers' boxes on May 5, Small said, informing them of the new combination.

Members of the Postal Service Center will be on hand upstairs to assist patrons with any questions or problems accessing their new boxes.

"We will establish a help desk in the new receptacle (mailbox) area upstairs from May 19-22 to assist customers," said Chris Macri, USAG Wiesbaden's director of human resources.

After that date, customers can still get help at the Postal Service Center's In- and Out-Processing Office located one door down from the package pickup area, he said. People with disabilities in need of assistance can also get help from the staff at the In- and Out-Processing Office.

"This will make it more convenient when people need help with their combinations," said Small. "We'll be there for them -- to provide the best customer service possible."

The package pickup window will be closed May 23 during the changeover in order to get all of the mail moved upstairs. All other services will remain open on that date, Small said.

"We ask community members to help us make this as painless as possible by regularly picking up their mail and any packages," he said. "We process about 90 percent of the incoming mail each day, but far fewer people check their mail that often."

"There's only so much we can store in this facility," said James McKee, postal operations supervisor.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the postal services officer at civ (0611) 705-5437 or by email at earl.c.small.civ@mail.mil.

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