APLSS mascot!
Our APLSS mascot helps us communicate the importance of filling out and sending in Army Provider Lever Satisfaction Surveys that arrive in your mailbox after an appointment here. Positive marks on APLSS surveys significantly increase our budget, which leads to increasingly better healthcare here. Green APLSS (positive responses on APLSS surveys) help us have a healthy hospital budget!

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. -- Did you know that "Excellent" and "Very Good" Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey marks provide your local Military Treatment Facility with significant additional funding?

This additional funding allows us to provide you the safe, award-winning healthcare you enjoy here.

Negative responses on APLSS surveys actually take money out of our local hospital budget, adversely affecting our ability to provide you with increasingly greater healthcare here.

If you have a suggestion, comment or complaint, we want to act upon it quickly for you. Please feel free to contact clinic or hospital leadership. You can also talk to a Patient Representative, located in room 123, next to the main bank of elevators. It's their unique job to provide you instant, on-the-spot help.

If you're looking for a more anonymous way to communicate to installation and hospital leadership, please fill out an Interactive Customer Evaluation Comment card. You can even use the "ICE Machine" located near the Information Desk to complete one online.

Installation and Hospital commanders receive ICE reports daily and act upon them swiftly.

Local problem resolution is always fastest. APLSS surveys must travel all the way to the Office of the Surgeon General, and then be processed by computer, before we even find out that you've had a problem here.

So, next time you receive an APLSS survey in the mail, if we've earned positive marks, please indicate so and send it in.

Yes, we like green apples for their nutritional value--but we also like green APLSS (positive responses on APLSS surveys) because they boost the health of our budget here.

For more information, contact your Patient-Centered Medical Home healthcare team.

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