COLUMBUS, Ohio (Army News Service, Aug. 8, 2008) -- Mothers and daughters share a special bond, but few have shared what of New Vienna, Ohio residents Lavonne Baer and her daughter Alyssa did recently when they both enlisted in the Army.

Lavonne said she always wanted to go in the Army but had other things starting her family and being in school. At 35 years of age, she said she is finally getting to see her dream come true.

"I'm looking forward to starting my Army career and moving my family because there's not much opportunity here," she said. "My husband is a truck driver and can do his job anywhere, so that works well for us."

Alyssa, a senior at East Clinton High School,enlisted in the Future Soldier program. This program guarantees the job training she wants in the Army while waiting until she graduates next year before she leaves for basic combat training.

Alyssa said she's looking forward to the opportunity to travel and further her education while serving with the military police.

"I see the Army as the opportunity to get some excitement in my life," Alyssa said. "It will also give me some higher education and the opportunity to travel and see places I wouldn't normally be able to see. I'm a little scared about leaving home because my mom and I are so close...and I've never been away from her before...... but it'll be ok."

Lavonne said: "I am so proud of Alyssa enlisting. I think all young people should venture into the military as soon as they graduate because I think it'll help them in the long run."

With the question of the war always on her mind, Lavonne explained, "It worries me about my daughter and Iraq, but she could get killed in a car accident right out here on the road, so there's danger everywhere. I know at least she's strong and now she's going to be Army Strong. I know she can handle it...I know she'll be fine."

After all these years of bonding, Lavonne gave this final word of encouragement to her daughter, "Show them how strong I've made you and always be good in everything you do. If you're going to be a the best."

(D. Charone Monday serves with the Columbus Recruiting Battalion.)

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