• Raising a Kirchweih tree in a group effort is an important part of tradition in Franconia and shows the community spirit.


    Raising a Kirchweih tree in a group effort is an important part of tradition in Franconia and shows the community spirit.

  • The Altmühlsee Festival features many live bands staged around the lake for a fun event.

    Altmühlsee Festival

    The Altmühlsee Festival features many live bands staged around the lake for a fun event.

  • Once a year the Gruene Markt in Rothenburg is transformed into a wine village, where visitors have the choice of more than 70 local wines to try.

    Weindorf Rothenburg

    Once a year the Gruene Markt in Rothenburg is transformed into a wine village, where visitors have the choice of more than 70 local wines to try.

  • Knights tournaments and medieval markets are popular in Germany.

    Knights Tournament

    Knights tournaments and medieval markets are popular in Germany.

Blues- & Jazzfestival - Bamberg
After seven successful years, the admission-free Blues and Jazz Festival Bamberg is hosted again this year until Aug. 17 in various locations, like Maxplatz or Gabelmann, featuring 70 national and international bands. For details contact the Stadtmarketing Bamberg e.V. (Obere Königstraße 1) in Bamberg at 0951- 20 10 30, info@stadtmarketing-bamberg.de or go to the website at http://blues-jazz-festival-2013.mybamberg.de/home/

"Afrika Karibik Festival" in Aschaffenburg
The 17th African Caribbean Festival takes place in Aschaffenburg at the Festplatz (Darmstädter Straße) on Aug. 14 - 17; the festival features live bands on stage, a "World Bazaar," children's entertainment, acrobats and culinary specialties. For more details go to www.afrika-festival.de

Open Air Summerbreeze - Dinkelsbühl
The annual Summerbreeze Open Air 2014 on Aug 14 -- 16 in Dinkelsbühl is one of the largest metal festivals in Germany. Two open air stages and a third stage inside a large tent feature many live metal bands; the festival is located on the airport of the Aeroclubs Dinkelsbühl on Flugplatzstrasse 1. To learn more, go to www.summer-breeze.de

Fire Fighter Expo in Geiselwind
A fire fighter expo and the Firefighter Combat Challenge Bayern take place at the Event Zentrum in Geiselwind on Aug. 15 -- 17; the program includes live shows and performances, a fire fighter "Kinderland" and a "back draft party" in the music hall. Admission on Friday is free and 5 euros on Saturday and Sunday. To learn more, go to www.eventzentrum-geiselwind.de

Rothenburg Wine Village
The Grüne Markt and the Kirchplatz in Rothenburg o.d.T. will be turned into a wine village on Aug. 13 -- 17; Franconian wines can be tasted while nibbling on local culinary specialties and listening to the musical entertainment. The Weindorf is open Wednesday and Thursday from 4 -- 11 p.m., Friday 4 p.m. to midnight, Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight and Sunday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information contact the Rothenburg Tourist Service on Marktplatz 2 at 09861 -- 404 - 800 or www.tourismus.rothenburg.de

Kirchweih Wolframs-Eschenbach
The traditional Kirchweih of Wolframs-Eschenbach takes place on the Festplatz (Dr.-Baptist-Kurz-Platz) on August 15 -- 18. There will be rides, a Kirchweih market and fireworks. To learn more go to www.wolframs-eschenbach.de

Kirchweih in Sachsen
The annual Kirchweih of Sachsen bei Ansbach takes place on the Dorfplatz (Hauptstrasse) on August 15 -- 18. To learn more go to www.sachsen-b-ansbach.de

Fränkisches Weinfest in Volkach
The 66th Franconian Wine Fest in Volkach on Aug. 15 through 19 is one of the largest of its kind in the area. 120 different wines are served under sycamore trees while live bands play different kinds of music. For program details, admission prices and other information, go to www.volkach.de

Bad Kissinger Weinfest
The wine fest in Bad Kissingen offers local wines on Aug. 21 through 25 at the historical Marktplatz downtown. To learn more, go to www.weinfest-badkissingen.de

Altmühlsee Festival
Different bands perform around the lake during the Altmühlsee Festival on Saturday, Aug. 23. Stages are located at Seezentrum Gunzenhausen-Schlungenhof, Surfzentrum Schlungenhof, Seezentrum Muhr am See and Seezentrum Wald as well as in Mörsach and Gern. Music begins at 7 p.m.; to learn more about the festival, go to www.altmuehlsee-festival.de

Herbstvolksfest - Nürnberg
The Nürnberg Fall Fest is one of the largest and nicest fests in Bavaria; visitors will find plenty of fun rides, beer tents and food stands, as well as an entertainment program for everybody. The fest from August 29 to September 14 is located on the Dutzendteich (Bayernstrasse). Details are available at www.volksfest-nuernberg.de

Bad Windsheimer Kirchweih
The Bad Windsheim Kirchweih on Aug. 29 through Sept. 2 is a traditional Kirchweih Volksfest with rides, fest tent, parade and fireworks. To learn more, go to www.tourismus.bad-windsheim.de

Knights at Night in Heroldsbach
The fun park Schloss Thurn in Heroldsbach near Forchheim offers a knights' tournament and medieval event every Saturday evening in August; the castle's park becomes a jousting field with knights on horses and breathtaking fire stunts. The pre-show starts at 6:30 p.m., the actual show begins at 8:00 p.m.; the special admission ticket also allows visitors to enjoy the fun park's attractions from 3 to 6:30 p.m. For program details and tickets go to www.schloss-thurn.de

German School Break
The summer break in Bavaria has started and ends on September 15; the children of our neighbor states Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hessen are out as well. Expect heavy traffic and long traffic jams, especially on weekends on the Autobahns going south and coming back during that time. For current traffic updates go to www.bayerninfo.de (in English), www.adac.de/reise_freizeit/verkehr , www.verkehrsinfo.de or www.verkehrsinformation.de

Nürnberg Zoo celebrates 75 years
The Nürnberger Tiergarten, famous for its landscaping between centuries-old trees and sandstones, celebrates 75 years at the Schmausenbuck, its current location, with many events throughout the year. To learn more, visit www.tiergarten.nuernberg.de.

Volksmarch in Franken
The hiking season is in full swing in Franconia and other parts of Germany; a Volksmarch or Wandertag is a good way to get out and exercise at your own pace. Participants can typically choose from 5/6k, 10k or 20k distances, sometimes even farther; hikers don't start all at once, but within a certain time frame and cover the chosen distance at their own pace. Food and refreshments are sold on location and on the way, and registration is possible on site. It is recommended to check the link with details of the hike or contact the listed POC for exact starting times, updates and detailed location information. For other locations within Germany also check the website www.dvv-wandern.de.

Volksmarches in Franconia:
August 23 and 24: Creglingen (5, 10, 20k) - Wanderfreunde Creglingen, 09848-969700, ch-moll@web.de. Start: Saturday 6 a.m. -- 2 p.m., Sunday 6 a.m. -- 1 p.m. at Stadthalle Creglingen, Kieselallee - http://www.dvv-wandern.de/files/documents/ausschreibungen_wandertage/fr/2014/august_creglingen.pdf

German-American Hiking Club Ansbach
The German-American Hiking Club Ansbach travels to a different Volksmarch destination almost every weekend. Often they take the train together, sometimes a bus is hired for the group. If you are interested in joining them for some of their activities, contact the president at 0160-9386-0081, or join them for their regular meeting, which takes place every other Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. (in odd weeks) at the Gaststätte Lehenshof (Uzstrasse 19) downtown Ansbach (behind the Greek restaurant).

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