Vehicular traffic and pedestrian changes due to Muddy River project
Graphic depicting vehicular traffic and pedestrian changes on Brookline Avenue due to Muddy River project beginning Sept. 28, Boston, Mass. Brookline Avenue will become one-way inbound between the Riverway Connector and Park Drive.

CONCORD, Mass. -- At the request of the City of Boston Transportation Department, the Corps of Engineers is delaying the traffic pattern change to Brookline Avenue until 7 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013.

Construction activities continue on Phase 1 of the $30.9 million Muddy River Flood Risk Management and Environmental Restoration project in Boston, Mass., and starting on Saturday, Sept. 28 will involve a change in both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Brookline Avenue between the Riverway Connector and Park Dive will become one-way only headed inbound.

Traffic coming down Brookline Avenue or Boylston Street outbound that want to continue down Brookline Avenue to the medical center will need to travel around the rotary between Brookline Avenue, the Riverway and along Fenway. New traffic signals will be installed to ease the congestion that occurs when traffic traveling down Park Drive from Brookline tries to merge with traffic exiting the Riverway from Brookline. (A figure showing the new traffic pattern for this period is shown on at the end of this notice).

A new pedestrian walkway has been constructed around the former Sears parking lot for pedestrian travel through the project area.

These changes are being made so that the installation of a culvert under Brookline Avenue can continue. There will be variable message boards that will assist drivers on how they should travel to be able to continue down Brookline Avenue outbound to the Longwood Medical Area. Police details will also be used to assist drivers during the initial stages of this traffic pattern change.

The one-way traffic will last about one year, but there will be movement of the Brookline Avenue lanes as the culvert work moves across Brookline Avenue.

If you have questions contact Project Manager Mike Keegan at or call 978-318-8087.

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