Cub Scouts prepare for emergencies
Kellie Dahl, wife of 1st Lt. Lucas Dahl, Rear D commander, 524th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 45th Sust. Brigade, 8th Theater Sust. Command, shows Cub Scouts from Pack 176 the proper way to perform CPR on a mannequin during first aid training, Aug. 5.

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii -- More than 25 Cub Scouts from Pack 176 passed American Red Cross first aid training, Aug. 5, here, while in the process of earning Emergency Preparedness Badges.

The Scouts, ages 6 to 11, from Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Helemano Military Reservation, Mililani and Ewa Beach received basic aid training (BAT) that included emergency recognition and prevention, caring for injuries, choking response and what to do in emergency situations.

"These will benefit every boy and family. They know how to prevent accidents and injuries as well as what to do when they occur," said Josie Cox, cub master for Cub Scout Pack 176.

"I feel they will be ready if they encounter an emergency," said trainer Kellie Dahl of CPR/AED and spouse of 1st Lt. Lucas Dahl, Rear D commander of the 524th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 45th Sust. Brigade, 8th Theater Sust. Command.

Kellie Dahl, who has taught emergency preparedness nine years, added she enjoyed the experience at the Wheeler Chapel of preparing the Scouts.

"The Scouts were wonderful during the training. They seemed to learn a lot of skills and information on top of what they already knew," said Kellie Dahl. "We had fun using Mr. Blue (the CPR mannequin) for our first aid skills."

"These days, you find it's the 6 year old calling 911 to save mom or dad," said Wanda Martin, committee chair for Pack 176. "We are preparing them in case they are there when an adult is hurt."

"Our pack spent the summer working on the requirements for the Emergency Preparedness Badge," Cox added. "It was very important to us to get everyone trained on bicycle and road safety, emergency and disaster preparedness, first aid and making smart choices."

"Everyone should be aware and able to handle an emergency situation," Kellie Dahl said. "Everything they learned could help save a life -- even if it is just calling 911."

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