SUBJECT: Independence Day Holiday Safety Message 2008

1. On Friday, July 4th, we will celebrate Independence Day. This day commemorates the founding of our country and a time we celebrate our freedom and independence. Prior to the start of celebrations, take time to reflect upon the freedoms that we all enjoy and honor the sacrifices of those who have defended and those that continue to defend our freedom.

2. Throughout this holiday weekend, I ask that all leaders and individuals do his or her part to prevent accidents. Personal responsibility is key, and that begins with leaders who care about their personnel. Get involved, emphasize safety, and lead by example. Prior to the holiday weekend, every supervisor will provide a safety briefing to their personnel. They will talk about their holiday plans, the hazards they may encounter, and what actions they will take to mitigate those hazards. In particular, address those hazardous activities traditionally associated with Independence Day holiday period such as driving, use of fireworks, water sport activities, and activities in excessive heat. Privately owned vehicle (POV) accidents due to drinking, fatigue, excessive speed, and failure to wear seatbelts continue to be the greatest threat to our personnel.

3. Ensure all Soldiers traveling by/or operating a POV on pass or leave complete the Travel Risks Planning System (TRiPS) ( Leaders should also encourage civilians to complete TRiPS if operating their POV for a long distance during this weekend. This has proven to be a significant tool for the prevention of POV accidents.

4. This is a special holiday and you are valuable members of our USASMDC/ARSTRAT team. I want each of you to enjoy your Families, celebrate smartly, and return to work safely.


Lieutenant General, USA Commanding

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