<b> FORT STEWART, GA -- </b> A military police Soldier from the 139th Military Police Company performed a heroic act, June 11 when he administered first aid to an injured accident victim at Highway 196 and Harmon Ave, in Hinesville, Ga.
Staff Sgt. Franklin Wade, on his way home from work, witnessed a collision between a F-150 truck and a motorcycle. The motorcycle was thrown in the air, and the rider was seriously injured.
Having been trained in emergency response procedures and first aid, he assumed duties as a first responder, leaping to assist the injured motorist. Wade saw the victim had a leg with a compound fracture. The wound was bleeding profusely. Wade applied immediate first aid to stop the blood flow and controlled the situation until official emergency responders arrived.
Hinesville Police Lt. Max McLendon, Traffic Accident Investigator said his quick reflexes might have help save the victim's life, and the police appreciate his actions.
The victim is now recovering at a Savannah hospital, but Wade keeps in touch with the Family.
Wade said his response was virtually automatic; noting first aid procedures like CPR are just drilled into your head.
"When you need the training, it just comes natural," Wade said, adding he hopes that someone would do the same for him in a similar situation.

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