REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- The U.S. Army Logistics Support Activity celebrated two decades of service to the Soldier, May 6, at the Bob Jones Auditorium here.

That service, in a nutshell, has been using technology to create a worldwide electronic warehouse, the Logistics Information Warehouse after LOGSA was designated as the Army's single authoritative Logistics Data Repository.

The celebration kicked off with music from the Army Materiel Command Band; an invocation by AMC Chaplain, Col. Scott Carson; remarks by the current LOGSA Commander, Col. Robert P. Sullivan; and recognition of previous LOGSA commanders.

Sullivan stressed that from the beginning LOGSA was a team which rapidly stood up and pressed forward as an organization that grew every year in terms of relevance to the warfighter.

When Soldiers need solutions to problems of acquiring, managing, equipping and sustaining materiel, they can turn to one centralized source: LOGSA and its electronic tool, LIW.
These tools have been instrumental in operations like retrograde, explained Sullivan.

He also acknowledged the "committed, dedicated people who executed the vision that raised a petite-sized command to one of enormous significance."

"It's important that we [the Army] understand ourselves and that's what LOGSA does for the Army," Sullivan explained. "It's been a journey toward an increased significance. Over the past 20 years, the organization just skyrocketed in supporting the warfighter."

In attendance was Gen. Dennis Via, AMC commander, and previous Executive Directors, Billie Turmenne and Geoff Embry; retired previous Commanders, Col. Kurt Weidenthall, II and Col. Janice Berry. Recognized in the program were Executive Director Ron Treusdell, and retired Commanders Col. Ronald Hyatte, Col. Jerry Warnement and Col. James Rentz.

LOGSA is composed of four centers: the Enterprise Integration Center; the Soldier Support Center ; the Logistics and Engineering Center ; and the Global Support Center .

The GSC is home of PS Magazine, The Army's Preventive Maintenance Monthly. For 62 years, PS has aided Soldiers in maintaining the equipment that lets them safely move, shoot and communicate. Also, under the GSC banner is the Army Oil Analysis Program and the Customer Assistance Division. GSC is known as LOGSA's Face to the Field. GSC conducts training on logistics products and programs and supplies liaison support down range.

The Technical Publications Division resides under LEC. TMs have migrated from paper to electrons on a screen and this division makes it happen. The Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center is also a LEC program. If it's shipped or stored, LEC will have a hand in it. In addition, LEC prepares and maintains DOD and Army policy, procedures, guidance, specifications, and standards for acquisition logistics.

The SSC provides the Logistics Analysis Support program that has proven to be critical to understanding the river of logistics data that flows from an Army stretched worldwide. SSC is also in charge of the Lead Materiel Integrator Decision Support Tool . How does it all fit together? The SSC knows and shares that knowledge. SSC subject matter experts support Army Force Generation , assignment and management of force and maintenance codes, as well as logistic capabilities in asset visibility, Army Pre-Positioned Stock, serial number tracking, and the Army Enterprise Material Master .

The EIC is responsible for formalized management and execution of major projects within LOGSA, overarching data management, and operation of the processing center used by the Army's legacy supply management system. Perhaps EICs biggest job is the responsibility for managing the integration and performance improvement of LIW.

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