Region's best: TMDE support center surpasses Army standards
Martin Butrim, precision measurement equipment calibrator leader at Tobyhanna Army Depot, sets the controls on an HP 8902A measuring receiver. This equipment is used to calibrate several types of microwave test equipment including signal generators and network analyzers.

TOBYHANNA ARMY DEPOT, Pa. -- A tenant activity here was recognized for surpassing several Army standards and transforming into a model of excellence.

The U.S. Army Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Support Center was recognized by the U.S. Army TMDE Activity for having the lowest TMDE delinquency rate in USATA's northeast region.

The TMDE Support Center (TSC), whose mission is to provide the Army with TMDE calibration and repair support, has achieved a delinquency rate of 0.8 percent, well below the Army goal of 2 percent or below.

TMDE, such as torque wrenches and power meters, need to be calibrated periodically for accuracy and performance. Calibration cycles vary accordingly for each piece. If a calibration is not done, it is listed as delinquent and affects the overall delinquency rate of the activity.

Tobyhanna's TMDE Support Center is the largest of the 61 support centers in U.S. Army TMDE Activity. The depot has more than 16,000 pieces of TMDE that must be calibrated and made available to customers. The U.S. Army TMDE Activity performs evaluations of support centers on a yearly basis. The large amount of TMDE creates many challenges in maintaining a low delinquency rate.

"When you look at the size of our activity and the amount of TMDE we process, it becomes even more impressive to see such a low delinquency rate," said Kenneth Gilman, TSC chief.
Gilman added that improving in other areas has required an all out effort.

"When I was named chief last June, our delinquency rate was over 8 percent, our availability rate was 89 percent and we had a 40-day turnaround time," said Gilman. In addition to the activity's low delinquency rate, the support center has reached an availability rate of 98.9 percent and a turnaround time of four days, far exceeding the Army standards of 95 percent and 10 days.

Martin Butrim, precision measurement equipment calibrator leader, has worked in the U.S. Army TMDE Activity for 31 years and said being awarded for excellent performance helps motivate the team.

"You really feel a sense of accomplishment when you're recognized for hard work and dedication," he said. "When you look at how motivated and supportive our team is, it's easy to see how we have been able to exceed Army standards of excellence."

Gilman credited everyone in the activity for their part in transforming the activity into a model of succes.

"This recognition will go a long way for the morale of our organization," said Gilman. "It's a testament to how supportive Tobyhanna is, how dedicated our team is and how willing they are to constantly and consistently improve their work.

"Customers will recognize that this support center can meet their needs in a timely manner and to the highest standards of quality. On top of that, other activities within the organization will look at us and use our success as a motivational tool to improve their own rates."

Tobyhanna Army Depot is the Defense Department's largest center for the repair, overhaul and fabrication of a wide variety of electronics systems and components, from tactical field radios to the ground terminals for the defense satellite communications network. Tobyhanna's missions support all branches of the Armed Forces.

About 5,100 personnel are employed at Tobyhanna, which is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Tobyhanna Army Depot is part of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command. Headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., the command's mission is to research, develop, acquire, field and sustain communications, command, control computer, intelligence, electronic warfare and sensors capabilities for the Armed Forces.

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