U.S. Army Pacific

  • Gen. Charles A. Flynn Commanding General Gen. Charles A. Flynn
  • Scott A. Brzak Command Sergeant Major Scott A. Brzak
  • Maj. Gen. Chris R. Smith DCG-Strategy and Plans Maj. Gen. Chris R. Smith
  • Maj. Gen. Reginald G. A. Neal DCG-Mobilization and Reserve Affairs Maj. Gen. Reginald G. A. Neal
  • Brig. Gen. Peter N. Benchoff Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Peter N. Benchoff



U.S. Army Pacific provides the Joint Force with decisive integrated landpower required to consolidate gains, succeed in competition, rapidly transition and respond during crisis, prevail in low intensity and large scale conflict, and lead through a new era of transformational change.


U.S. Army Pacific enables the Joint Force to ensure a ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’ by leading the multi-domain transformation and precise application of landpower in the most consequential region for America’s future.

USARPAC Insignia Description



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