• Experienced, trained, and prepared to deploy worldwide with capability to perform analysis on any network or system for modernization or rapid resolution of problems.
    • Teams staffed with technical experts and project leaders with educational background and certifications to design/integrate mission-critical systems with emerging technologies.
    • Acquisition certified professionals and staff experienced performing contracting and procurement activities to support full scale multi-million dollar C5ISR implementations.
    • Promoters of diversity throughout the organization, motivated to maintain a culture of inclusion that encourages respect and opportunity for the entire workforce. From our junior ranks to our supervisors and senior leadership, USAISEC is committed to developing and advancing individuals of different backgrounds and perspectives.
    • Support the Army Unified Network: USAISEC is postured to deploy experts skilled in networking, systems engineering, cloud technologies, cybersecurity and infrastructure to build the Army's next generation survivable, secure network from strategic headquarters to the tactical edge.
    • Engineer standards based network architectures: USAISEC uses knowledge of software defined environments including: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), zero-trust principles, cloud optimization, Comply to Connect, MPLS L2/L3 transport VPNs (legacy/existing), SATCOM, and wireless/mobile technologies.
    • Engineer and modernize mission command facilities: USAISEC equips facilities with state-of-the-art voice, video and data systems that enable optimal commander decision-making through any operational situation.
    • Cloud services: USAISEC offers systems engineering expertise to support Army portfolio owners with application rationalization. Rationalization includes activities such as fitness against business and technical measures, network and software architecture analysis, coordination with outside compliance organizations, and navigating the ever-increasing complexity of the cArmy ecosystem.
    • Cybersecurity expertise: USAISEC provides expertise focused on vulnerability assessments and mitigation strategies.
    • Organizational standards and processes in place to lead projects and manage cost, performance and schedule.
    • Ability to support large scale implementations through use of the Total Engineering and Integration Services Contract vehicle.
    • In-house lab environments to test and validate network designs, system components and configurations.
    • Workforce development and training management.
    • Ability to rapidly respond and provide surge support to include ramp-up of trained resources.
  • USAISEC headquarters and three directorates are located at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. To better serve our customers we also have directorates stationed at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and Ft. Detrick, Maryland. Where feasible, USAISEC has also established several small field offices along the East Coast, Europe, Korea and Hawaii in order to provide immediate accessibility to our engineering services.


USAISEC engineers high priority Strategic and Operational C5ISR solutions to enable Army Digital Transformation


A Well-Trained, Well-Resourced, Properly Organized Team that Provides Modern and Resilient C5ISR Systems Engineering Support Worldwide


  • Col. Ericka M. Brooks
    Brigade Commander
    Col. Ericka M. Brooks
  • Endesha A. Johnson
    Command Sergeant Major
    Endesha A. Johnson


Since 1984, USAISEC continues to deliver strategic and operational readiness by providing experienced people, using proven engineering standards and processes, to implement modern IT solutions to the Army and Joint Warfighter. USAISEC empowers the Army to succeed now and in the future by embodying expertise in the following technical areas:

Systems Engineering:

  • Systems Engineering Processes
  • Project Management
  • Contract Acquisition
  • Lab Test and IT System Evaluation
  • Modernization Coordination (Cloud)

IT Networking:

  • Satellite Communications
  • Voice Networks
  • Wireless and Mobile Networks
  • Cloud Network Engineering/Optimization


  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Security Compliance and Risk Management


  • Facilities
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Command and Control Infrastructure
  • Audio Visual Engineering
  • Inside / Outside Plant
  • Systems Engineering is our cornerstone discipline within the organization. USAISEC provides skilled professionals and knowledgeable teams to guide your organization through all phases of an IT system refresh, replacement or modernization. From concept and design through implementation, USAISEC ensures systems and components are integrated, performing to optimal standards and delivering intended capabilities. Our services include:

    • Leading activities to integrate the right people, products, services, information, processes and elements to enable successful realization, use and closeout of engineered systems.
    • Managing personnel, budget and scheduling to deliver successful project outcome.
    • Establishing, balancing and integrating stakeholders’ goals, defining actual or anticipated customer requirements, supporting technical reviews, and developing deliverables to support implementation.
    • Conducting research, generating and evaluating alternative solution concepts and architectures.
    • Performing as Technical Monitors for IT Services contracts providing inspection, oversight and informing the KO of contractor performance. Our Systems Engineers are knowledgeable in navigating the acquisition process to include types of contracts available, processes required to prepare contracts, as well as development of artifacts such as RFIs, WBS, performance work statements, basis of estimates, IGCE, QASPs and CDRLs.
    • Performing design synthesis, system verification and validation through installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of system-level testbeds, lab space, tools and infrastructure.
  • USAISEC Network Engineering services includes network planning, design, deployment and network modernization. Staffed with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and project engineers possessing knowledge in a wide array of equipment, technology and solutions from numerous vendors, and supported by experienced project management professionals, processes and methodologies. Typical areas supported includes:

    • Engineer and design standards based network architectures using knowledge of SD-WAN, VDI, CSfC, zero-trust principles, cloud optimization, Comply to Connect, MPLS L2/L3 transport VPNs (legacy/existing), SATCOM networks, 5G, IPv6, 802.3 protocols, WiFi6/802.11ax, etc.
    • Design, installation, configuration and test of wireless networking equipment including associated network management tools/platforms, enhanced security settings, networking protocols, routing, switching and industry best practices for implementing IEEE 802.11 WLAN solutions.
    • Implementation oversight of commercial/military satellite communications technologies to include troubleshooting a satellite terminal down to the lowest replaceable unit (LRU).
    • Design, analysis, test, troubleshoot, quality assurance and integration of TDM and/or IP-based voice systems and networks.
    • Multi-vendor exposure, training and experience with implementation of network hardware/software solutions (MSFT ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, Cisco SD-WAN, etc.)

    USAISEC has cloud knowledgeable professionals to support organizations transitioning from on-premise legacy systems to the cloud. From design through deployment, USAISEC enables organizations to transform and grow. Our team is prepared to provide support in the following areas:

    • Cloud Network Engineering - Performing network capacity evaluation/upgrade and architecture evaluations for organizations looking to migrate their applications/systems to a cloud environment. Includes support in identifying infrastructure and networking solutions to connect, optimize and manage private, public and hybrid cloud solutions across leading platforms.  
    • Modernization Coordination – Perform mission analysis and assessment of IT systems to identify how well the ecosystem lends itself to leveraging cloud capabilities. Includes implementing cloud service models for an organization like infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • For over 24 years USAISEC has provided cybersecurity engineering, security compliance and risk management support services to DoD and Army organizations. USAISEC provides skilled, certified cybersecurity professionals to support project teams and customers with guidance to ensure compliance with applicable information security policies, processes and practices are applied throughout all phases of implementation for an IT system. Typical supported areas include:

    • Validate security requirements and associated security controls to effectively design, harden, assess, document and securely implement networks and systems supporting Mission Owner requirements.
    • Contribute to design plans, architecture documentation and artifacts required to support Assessment & Authorization (A&A) activities and coordinate with cybersecurity personnel supporting the RMF process in order to achieve Interim Authority to Test (IATT)/Authority to Operate (ATO).
    • Support POA&M development and implementation, perform cybersecurity assessment/validations, assist Mission Owners navigate and execute the RMF process, and coordinate with security organizations to achieve Interim Authority to Test (IATT)/Authority to Operate (ATO).
    • Utilize awareness of emerging cybersecurity relevant technology and concepts including, but not limited to, zero trust, DevSecOps, continuous integration (CI)/continuous delivery (CD) pipelines, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Compliance as Code (CaC), secure cloud architectures, cloud native design, security orchestration automation and response (SOAR), DoD Software Modernization Strategy, and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) to support modern Army network deployment.
  • USAISEC provides engineers and technicians to ensure your IT infrastructure is robust, scalable and efficient to deliver the integrated services underlying the physical environment. Our teams are equipped to support architecture development, preliminary design, analysis, survey and implementation of the infrastructure. Critical areas of focus include:

    • Engineering Infrastructure – Engineering, consultation, on-site quality assurance and testing of infrastructure for medium to large-scale DoD/Army facilities. We specialize in projects pertaining to commercial/MILCON construction, facility cable plant pathway/distribution systems, HVAC systems, facility power and emergency backup systems, facility lighting and Fire Protection/Life Safety systems.
    • Grounding and Bonding – Performing quality assurance inspections to verify proper grounding and bonding of IT equipment cabinets, cabinet power distribution, IT equipment, cable/wire trays, raised flooring, UPS, generators and any other relevant components. Conducting surveys to identify power surges, ground loops, impulses, transients, harmonics, corrosion, and other anomalies. Performing testing and validation of equipment grounding systems, earth ground systems, and life safety ground systems.
    • Command and Control Infrastructure - Engineering design, consultation, on-site quality assurance and test of communications infrastructure for medium to large-scale C2 Facilities. Our engineers identify specifications for facility cable plant, power and grounding, multi-level/multi-domain solutions, Red/Black separation, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs), main Telecommunications Equipment Room (TER), Telecommunications Rooms (TRs), data centers and operations centers.
    • Audio Visual Engineering - Engineering design, on-site quality assurance, and test of small to large/complex audio, video, lighting control and access control systems for Army Headquarters, Mission Command Centers and training facilities.
    • Inside / Outside Plant - Performing survey work, planning, engineering, implementation and quality control for construction of inside / outside plant network structures and facilities. Experienced supporting structures such as cable vaults and maintenance hole and duct systems, Fiber-To-The-x (FTTx), Copper, and Hybrid Fiber Coax, wavelength division multiplexing technologies, 5G, PON and wireless.


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