• Maj. Gen. Joseph P. McGee
Director, Talent Management Task Force Task Force Director Maj. Gen. Joseph P. McGee Director, Talent Management Task Force


What is it? Talent is the unique intersection of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and preferences (KSB-Ps) in every officer.

Who has it? The foundation of a talent management system is gaining a granular level of knowledge of the KSB-Ps of every officer in the Army.

How is it used? Moving from the current system to the future system requires a talent matching process of officers to assignments, assessments of officer talents, flexible career paths, and a variation in the way we promote and select officers.

Talent Management

The Army is developing a new Talent Management system to acquire, develop, employ, and retain the right talent for the future.

The guidance is clear; the Army is not making the current Officer Personnel Management System (OPMS) better, the Army is creating a better system.

By better understanding the talent of our workforce and the talent needed for unit requirements, the Army can deliver the right officer, to the right assignment, at the right time, over time.

This is the most comprehensive reform of the Army's three officer personnel systems across the Total Force since the Officer Personnel Act of 1947.

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