Commander 360 Program

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What is it?

The Commander 360 Program (CDR360) facilitates the development of key organizational leaders. Created by U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's Center for Army Leadership, the intent of the CDR360 program is to leverage 360-degree assessment feedback to enhance leadership growth and increase rater involvement in the development process. This feedback is specifically designed for the Centralized Selection List (CSL) lieutenant colonels and colonels. The CDR360 program is developmental and will not be used as input into the commander's Officer Evaluation Report, nor will results be available to the senior rater.

What has the Army done?

In February, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley signed Army Directive 2016-06 for an Army-wide implementation of the CDR360 program.

The CDR360 program was pilot tested from April to July 2013. Commanders and their raters commended the program for providing deeper insight that improved counseling and development. Completion of the CDR360 fulfills the commander's Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback requirement as required by Army Regulations 350-1 and 623-3 for that phase of one's career.

What does the Army have planned for the future?

Effective October 2014, all Centralized Selection List lieutenant and colonel-level commanders in the active component are required to participate in two CDR360 events during the course of their command tenure. The first event is required within three to six months of assuming command and the second between 15-18 months of command. Each event includes a 360-degree assessment and a mandatory developmental discussion between the commander and his or her current rater. The CDR360 program requirement for reserve component commanders will become operational in October 2016.

Why is this important to the Army?

The CDR360 program promotes lifelong learning and is a key component in the Army's continuous and progressive process of leader development. It is another way to encourage greater leader-to-leader development across the Army by increasing rater involvement in multisource assessments. The CDR360 program focuses on battalion- and brigade-level commanders as they fill a critical role as organizational leaders and key drivers of change for the Army.


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Focus Quote for the Day

We must ensure that the U.S. Army remains the world's premier combat force. Readiness must be our #1 priority. A key component of readiness, perhaps the most important component, is leadership. The Commander 360 program ensures leaders receive honest and candid feedback on their performance and leadership effectiveness. Armed with this critical information they can continue to grow and develop as an Army leader.

- Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark A. Milley


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