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U.S. Army's Marketing Campaign: "What's Your Warrior?"

Friday, November 15, 2019

What is it?

“What’s Your Warrior?” is a new campaign that focuses on the breadth and depth of roles the U.S. Army offers. This campaign showcases how these diverse skillsets and talents come together to form the most powerful team on Earth.

What are the current and past efforts of the Army?

“What’s Your Warrior?” is an evolution of the Army’s most recent marketing campaign, Warriors Wanted, and is designed to directly appeal to youth audiences by emphasizing the Army’s vast array of talent requirements.

This campaign communicates that there are many ways to be a warrior and, through Army service, Soldiers can both contribute to something greater than themselves while improving who they will become.

This campaign distinguishes the Army’s recruitment efforts by accentuating that teams are exponentially stronger when diverse talents join forces. The intent of ‘What’s your Warrior?’ campaign is to:

  • Engage 17-24 year-old Gen Z youth, who live at the intersection of ‘purpose’ and ‘pragmatism. Gen Z men and women are driven to make a positive difference in the world in a smart way.
  • Educate Gen Z’s extremely limited knowledge of the Army beyond its role in active combat.
  • Create a more distinctive identity for the Army that is in step with today’s visual and verbal vernacular plus the values and goals of Gen Z youth.
  • Convert the target audience’s respect and admiration for the Army, into a relevant path to achieving their life goals or developing their skill sets.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

To overcome the misperceptions that have been created by popular media and movies, the Army will continue to

  • Communicate and inform its mission to prospects and their influencers through TV commercials, digital, paid search, billboards, and social media ads.
  • Market innovative efforts to appeal to prospect audience between the ages of 17-24.
  • Use digital and social media to engage with prospects and influences and drive them to
  • Maximize return on investment by marketing in a strategically integrated manner.

Why is this important to the Army?

“What’s Your Warrior?” ensures the Army is reaching potential future Soldiers and their influencers with relevant, inspiring and highly engaging content. “What’s your Warrior?” highlights the ways the Army can powerfully develop recruits’ unique skills, and put them in an extraordinary position to impact the world, their community, and their own lives.


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Focus Quote for the Day

Young adults already know about the ground combat role we play. We need to surprise them with the breadth and depth of specialties in the Army. There are more than 150 roles, and we need the unique skillsets Gen Z possesses to fill them. By focusing on the range of opportunities available, ‘What’s Your Warrior?’ presents a more complete view of Army service by accentuating one key truth: teams are exponentially stronger when diverse talents join forces.

- Brig. Gen. Alex Fink, chief, Army Enterprise Marketing