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The Army Ethic

Thursday July 12, 2018

What is it?

The Army Ethic is the heart of the Army and includes the moral principles that guide the Army Profession, Soldiers and Army Civilians in accomplishing the mission, performance of duties and in all aspects of life. The Army Ethic, including the Army values, inspires and motivates the shared identity as trusted Army professionals that are honorable servants, Army experts, and stewards of the people and resources. Soldiers and Army Civilians demonstrate character, competence and commitment; earn mutual trust; and strengthen cohesive teamwork – all in the exercise of mission command.

What has the Army done / is doing?

In June 2015, Army Doctrine Reference Publication 1, “The Army Profession,” articulated the Army Ethic and its moral principles. In August 2017, the Army white paper, “The Army’s Framework for Character Development” highlighted the importance of character development within the Army Leader Development Strategy.

TRADOC, through the Army Leader Development Strategy program, is leading the effort to design and gain approval for the plan to implement and assess integration of character development within all education, training, and experience, across the Total Force.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?

In fiscal year 2019, the Army will begin implementation and assessment of character development within the Army Leader Development Strategy. The intent is to achieve all overarching objectives, addressing an Army culture of trust, professional organizational climates, and shared identity in fiscal year 2021. Thereafter, the process will be refined through holistic evaluation of success.

Why is this important to the Army?

The Army must fight and win the nation’s wars in the right way. Successful implementation of the Army’s framework for character development strengthens understanding and application of the Army Ethic at all levels of leadership – strategic, organizational, and direct. This outcome reinforces trust with the American people and builds mutual trust and cohesive teamwork within the total Army.


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