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Combat-Configured Army Prepositioned Stocks

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What is it?

Army prepositioned stocks (APS) are strategically-placed caches of warfighting equipment afloat and ashore that provide speed of response for geographic combatant commanders to execute operation plans and conduct contingency operations.

Army Materiel Command is the executive agent for the APS program. Through its subordinate commands, including Army Sustainment Command and its Army Field Support Brigades, AMC synchronizes and integrates the materiel enterprise to field Army prepositioned stocks. AMC orchestrates the development of standards and procedures for the transfer of APS materiel to deploying combat units.

AMC is undertaking a combat-configuration of prepositioned stocks to upgrade and modernize equipment sets to further enhance the Army’s “fight tonight” capabilities. Combat-configuring prepositioned stocks across the globe supports the National Military Strategy and the Department of the Army’s efforts to reassure allies and bolster security through deterrence.

What is the Army doing/has done?

Army Materiel Command is equipping APS sites across the globe with the most modernized equipment available to enhance the Army’s battlefield advantage. The combat configuration initiative reduces deployment response times and increases the expeditionary capabilities of the U.S. Army.

From state-of-the-art communications technologies and combat enablers, to upgraded weapons and combat vehicles, combat-configured APS enhance unit readiness and lethality. Army Materiel Command, in conjunction with sealift and airlift providers, is increasing the speed at which stocks are combat-configured, as well as the speed at which Soldiers can fall-in on needed equipment.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Army Materiel Command is enhancing the Army’s ability to rapidly deploy for training missions, international disasters, and, when called upon, multi-domain battle. As the Army modernizes its equipment, Army Materiel Command will continue to upgrade APS to improve global response times.

Why is this important to the Army?

APS are vital components of total Army readiness and global force projection. As the Army becomes increasingly expeditionary, the ability to rapidly deploy troops from home stations to the battlefield with access to ready, modern equipment is paramount. Combat-configured APS provide a strategic deterrent to war, and, when called upon, the materiel needed to decisively win.


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