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Shaping the Army Network: Mobile Technology

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What is it?

The Army has been adopting mobile technology while managing risk, developing policy, supporting mobile pilots and establishing strong partnerships with industry. With a comprehensive Army approach to mobile capabilities in place, Soldiers will be able to better incorporate and leverage a more efficient process to identity and deploy emerging mobile technologies.

This document, along with the Army Network Campaign Plan, the Army Cloud Computing Strategy, and the Army Data Strategy, provide a path forward for the Army to take full advantage of cloud computing, mobile computing and data analytic technologies.

What continued efforts are planned for the future?

The Army is starting to adopt new, commercially available mobile technologies in an increased speed and capacity. Mobile technologies will be rapidly certified and mobile applications will operate using open architectures and standards. Innovative solutions will address cybersecurity risk.

The Army will establish an Army Mobile Technology partnership with industry, develop a secure mobile architecture that will enable the use of mobile technologies and establish a Mobile-Approved Products List. Over the next five years, emerging mobile technologies will transform how the Army communicates, collaborates and innovates. The three strategic goals with two guiding principles will enable a successful end state:

  • Goal 1: Establish a mobile-enabled environment
  • Goal 2: Provide a secure, enterprise-wide mobile architecture
  • Goal 3: Accelerate mobile technology adoption
  • Principle 1: Embrace commercial mobile technologies while using innovative solutions to reduce risk
  • Principle 2: Balance acceptable risk with the transformational benefits of mobile technology

The Army’s success depends on the ability to balance adapting emerging technologies to meet operational requirements while enabling those same technologies across the full spectrum of missions.

Why is this important to the Army?

The Army must establish and sustain a mobile advantage, to enable readiness for the future and current fight. Mobile Technology implementation impacts the success of the Army’s mission. It will provide the Army with enhanced knowledge and situational awareness gained by using sensors and devices that leverage the cloud, the internet of things and enterprise-wide data. It will facilitate improved security, health, and mission effectiveness regardless of platform, location, or classification of environment.


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