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Total Army Ammunition Authorization and Allocation Committee

Thursday, October 27, 2016

What is it?

The Total Army Ammunition Authorization and Allocation Committee is made up of personnel from the Joint Munitions Command (JMC), the Program Executive Office for Ammunition, and other Army commands involved in the various aspects of managing ammunition.

The goal of the mission-critical working group is to synchronize ammunition requirements throughout the Army, based on operational and training requirements and supply availability.

This forum is hosted by the JMC Demand Planning Directorate and co-chaired by Headquarters, Department of Army G3/5/7 and G4.

What has the Army done?

In June 2006, the Total Army Ammunition Authorization and Allocation Committee (TA4C) working group was created by merging the Committee for Ammunition Logistics Support Conference and the Training Ammunition Authorization Conference. Previously working independently, the TA4C has improved the distribution of assets and increased the availability of ammunition for training across the Army.

About 600 Department of Defense Identification Codes (DODIC) of conventional ammunition items - small-caliber ammunition to large-caliber artillery rounds - are reviewed in April and August. The committee reviews Army conventional ammunition items via worksheets at the DODIC level.

During the initial meeting, training and operational authorizations are provided to Army Commands for the upcoming fiscal year and allocations for the remainder of the current fiscal year. The committee reevaluates upcoming fiscal year authorizations based on forecasted asset availability and projected production deliveries at its second meeting. Allocations are also established for the next 12 months.

Approximately 135 ammunition managers work with Headquarters G3 and G4 providing authorizations and allocations to Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands and Direct Reporting Units based on operational/training requirements and supply availability.

What continued efforts are planned for the future?

The TA4C will engage and respond to combatant commanders to provide optimal support for an expeditionary, scalable, tailored force with strategically-positioned and regionally-aligned ammunition. JMC will utilize its data-driven model to evaluate more than 200 regional scenarios, optimizing its network based on transportation efficiencies, storage space, and outloading capacity. Through demand planning, JMC will deliberately assess the planning process, looking at specific combatant command operation plan requirements to effectively to meet future requirements.

Why is this important to the Army?

The JMC is responsible for providing joint forces with ready, reliable, and lethal munitions at the right place and time to support global operations.

This forum brings the Army Munitions Enterprise together at one location, matches resources to requirements, and in a timely manner addresses issues that could potentially have a negative effect on ammunition readiness across the Army.


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