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"The concept of sustainability is the foundation of the Army Strategy for the Environment and it fully supports Army Transformation and our ability to be relevant and ready ... today and tomorrow." - Dr. Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army


Sustainability - Army Strategy for the Environment (Part One)

Sustainability, a concept detailed in The Army Strategy for the Environment: Sustain the Mission - Secure the Future ( connects our activities today to those of tomorrow with sound business and environmental practices. The goals of the Army Strategy for the Environment support Army Transformation and the overarching Army strategies outlined in the 2006 Army Posture Statement.

Army Strategy: Provide Relevant and Ready Landpower for the 21st Century Security Environment

Army Strategy for the Environment Goal: Strengthen Army Operations -- Strengthen Army operational capability by reducing our environmental footprint through more sustainable practices.

The Army will employ sustainable practices such as water conservation, and fuel and energy efficiency to minimize our logistical tail. This will enable us to deploy faster, travel farther, and sustain as long as required. Zero emissions -- heat, light, noise, waste - reduce the operational signature, environmental footprint, and logistical support tail.

Army Strategy for the Environment Goal: Drive Innovation-- Use innovative technology and the principles of sustainability to meet user needs and anticipate future Army challenges.

The Army will match its capability to innovate and adapt with its need to do so in order to train, equip, sustain, and operate. This requires that we accelerate the transfer of technologies in a timely and cost effective manner to meet current and future requirements. The Army will seek solutions and tools that improve efficiency and reduce cost while protecting human health and the environment.

Army Strategy: Train and Equip Soldiers to Serve as Warriors and Grow Adaptive Leaders

Army Strategy for the Environment Goal: Meet test, Training and Mission Requirement --Meet current and future training, testing, and other mission requirements by sustaining land, air and water resources.

Our Army trains Soldiers, grows leaders, and forges them into cohesive units through tough, realistic training in a multitude of climates and conditions. Sustaining our diverse environmental resources is a critical component of maintaining Soldier readiness. The Army will sustain our test and training lands' natural resource base in quantity, quality, and configuration to meet current and future requirements.

Army Strategy for the Environment Goal: Foster a Sustainability Ethic -- Foster an ethic within the Army that takes us beyond environmental compliance to sustainability.

A sustainable Army can rapidly adapt to future challenges, and has the support of the Nation it defends, whether in war or peace. In essence, the foundation for such a sustainability ethic is already embedded in the Army core values that inspire us to act with integrity. Achieving and maintaining this ethic of sustainability requires that Army leaders foster a climate in which the Army community embraces the reality that the Earth's resources, while essential to military operations, are not inexhaustible.

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