Edition: Tue, April 18, 2006
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Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T)

What is it? WIN-T is the integrating communications network for the future force, optimized for offensive and Joint operations. It will provide Army warfighters with a communications wide area network that enables exchange of critical and timely information (voice, data, and video) while on the move using the tactical, strategic and Global Information Grid (GIG) networks. WIN-T will enable deployed forces to collaborate with capabilities in the GIG infrastructure (databases, collectors, and national agencies) to increase information enabled operations. Such collaboration to date has required various Department of Defense (DoD) and other governmental agencies to create multiple private networks or deploy agencies forward. WIN-T is the replacement for current tactical network communications systems. It will be optimized for offensive and joint operations and will provide regional Combatant Commanders access to information provided by DoD, Joint and coalition networks. WIN-T will reduce the forward deployed footprint of forces by combining communication capabilities and equipment.

What has the Army done? The Army examined the information, automation, and communication lessons learned from warfighter experiences such as Desert Storm (Iraq), Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom and determined operational concepts had changed significantly and warfighter expectations for mobility and offensive orientation had outgrown the scope of the current communications capabilities. WIN-T was designed to fill the gap and implement the Army's tactical portion of the Global Information Grid (GIG) architecture for the transforming Army force.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future? The Army is working to incrementally introduce enhanced capabilities to the force. The Joint Network Node (JNN) is the replacement for an antiquated Mobile Subscriber Equipment platform, quick halt communications system, to support the current warfighter. JNN serves as the bridge to WIN-T. WIN-T will provide enhanced communications capabilities for the future force.

Why is this important to the Army? WIN-T provides an unprecedented network reliability enabling continuous flow of communications that is interoperable with Joint, Allied, Coalition and Current Army Modular Force networks. It also allows for On-the-Move communications and enroute planning and rehearsal. Such tailored capabilities look to provide the right information to the appropriate place. This increased capability will enhance both the staff planning process and the commander's ability to execute the close fight. WIN-T further integrates Network Operations from the Homeland Security Operations Center to the Maneuver element.

For more information on this and other topics see Addendum J in the Army Posture Statement.


Army Safety Program

The Chief of Staff of the Army has mandated several initiatives aimed at enabling commanders in the field to manage risk as they accomplish the demanding missions of fighting a Global War on Terrorism and transforming. Here is a link that should be very helpful... gives you just what you need to help develop your safety program: It can also be found on the front page of the Combat Readiness Center's website at