Edition: Wed, February 22, 2006
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2006 Army Posture Statement: Provide Relevant and Ready Landpower

  The Army is improving its capabilities to prevail in the war on terrorism and sustain all our global commitments.  While fighting, we are:

*  Maintaining the momentum of our transformation and modernization.
-   Transforming to create an active and reserve component pool of 70 modular Brigade Combat Teams, reinforced by over 200 modular Support Brigades.
-   Modernizing - for the first time in decades - to field Future Combat Systems and other advanced technologies.

*  Improving readiness to deal with irregular, catastrophic, disruptive - and traditional - challenges.

*   Building a modular force in which brigades - not divisions - can "plug into" joint and coalition task forces in expeditionary and campaign settings.

*   Building depth (more) and breadth (more kinds) to ensure Soldiers and units can adapt to new challenges.
-   Building more brigades to increase strategic flexibility and relieve stress on Soldiers and equipment.
-   Developing more kinds of capability by making our brigades more powerful, versatile, deployable, and relevant to new challenges.

*   Creating improvements in: Sustaining the Force, Actionable Intelligence, Stability Operations, Homeland Defense, Operating in Complex Environments, Facing Irregular Challenges, Battle Command, and more.

*   Ensuring that every investment in our current force benefits our future force.

These initiatives enable the Army to support current global operations and prevail in the war on terrorism, surge forces for unforeseen contingencies, and reduce stress on Soldiers and equipment.  We are also creating the right mix of Support Brigades to ensure that our Soldiers receive the logistical, engineering, intelligence, protection, aviation and communications capabilities they will need to support the Combatant Commanders.  We are rebalancing the force by placing the right Soldiers with the right skills into our jobs and organizations in greatest demand.  At the same time, we are stabilizing Soldiers, to keep them with their units longer, to improve teamwork and reduce stress on families caused by frequent moves between posts.  We are maintaining momentum in transforming and modernizing our formations - through modular conversion, pursuit of future combat systems, and fielding other advanced technologies.  These complementary initiatives will ensure that our Soldiers are well prepared to operate in campaign and expeditionary settings with our joint and coalition partners.

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