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Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) - Part 1

Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) develops, fields and supports a medical information management system for Army tactical medical forces, enabling a comprehensive, life-long electronic medical record for all service members, and enhancing medical situational awareness for operational commanders. By accomplishing this mission, the MC4 Product Management Office (PMO) will have provided the Army's solution to Presidential and Congressional objectives, set-forth by Title 10 in 1997, which called for a medical tracking system for all deployed Service members.

MC4 is a ruggedized system of systems containing medical software packages sent into theater to support deployed medical forces. Comprised of joint software (Theater Medical Information Program), and commercial-off-the-shelf and government-off-the-shelf products, MC4 provides the tools needed to record and transfer data from the foxhole to brick-and-mortar facilities worldwide. As a result, MC4 creates a bridge between the tactical and sustaining base IM/IT healthcare systems, connecting the battlefield to the Continental United States.

MC4 was first deployed for contingency operations in 2003 to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since, deployed medical units utilize the MC4 system to gain quick, accurate access to patient histories and forward casualty resuscitation information. The system also provides units with automated tools facilitating patient tracking, medical reporting and medical logistical support. Meanwhile, combatant commanders worldwide use the MC4 system to access medical surveillance information, resulting in enhanced medical situational awareness.

Most importantly, MC4 is helping the deployed Soldier. By equipping deployed medical units with automated resources, MC4 helps ensure Soldiers have a secure, accessible, life-long electronic medical record - which results in peace of mind for the Soldier and even-better informed healthcare providers. For the first time in history, relevant medical data flows vertically throughout levels of healthcare and to joint medical databases, while simultaneously providing data horizontally into the Army Battle Command, Combat Service Support and Communications architecture.

To date, 10,000-plus MC4-trained deployed medical and ancillary professionals have used the system to record and transfer more than 170,000 medical encounters in theater. Sustaining these efforts, MC4 PMO maintains widespread supportability by manning a 24-hour help desk, three regional support centers in the United States, and two technical support teams in Southwest Asia, including dozens of mobile systems administrators.

The Army recognizes that the MC4 system is an evolving capability required to support current and emerging medical information technologies needed by deployed medical forces. That is why MC4 has become a complementary system to the Future Combat System and the Future Force Warrior System. By doing so, MC4 provides an interface to these systems that enables automated assessment and remote monitoring capabilities for deployed medical forces.

Headquartered at Fort Detrick, Md., MC4 is under the oversight of the Army Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) at Fort Belvoir, Va.

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