Army National Guard's<br />Strategic Management System

Wednesday November 21, 2012

What is it?

The Army Strategic Management System (SMS) is a performance management tool available to all Army organizations and components. The Army National Guard (ARNG) uses Army SMS as a performance management system for managing enterprise and organization strategy execution. The SMS application communicates strategy, demonstrates strategic alignment, builds goals, measures and targets and assesses performance and execution of strategy. SMS provides the ARNG a centralized business assessment capability at the enterprise level, while leveraging data from multiple functional area data sources.

What has the Army National Guard done?

The ARNG G5 Business Transformation Office in collaboration with the ARNG G6 and Director, Army Strategic Management System (SMS) implemented an automated Information Exchange (IE) between Army SMS and the ARNG Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). The IE uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web Services, to extract data staged in the ARNG (EDW) and populate Army SMS metric values. This true use of web services automates 594 ARNG metrics monthly saving approximately 150 man-hours monthly. Data extracted from ARNG Authoritative Data Sources (ADS) are stored in cross-functional metrics displaying personnel, logistics and financial performance of the 54 states, territories and District of Columbia. As of Sept. 1, 2012, the ARNG Business Transformation Office has trained 360 personnel throughout the 54 states, territories and District of Columbia in the use of Army SMS.

Why is this important to the Army National Guard?

A truly Integrated Management System (IMS) achieves integrated business management processes at all levels of the organization. The ARNG IMS uses the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence framework to assess set organization direction and uses Army SMS to deploy and track performance execution. The Army SMS enterprise tool enables commanders at all levels to use the same performance management software in making resource informed decisions necessary to provide ready forces at best value. Automated metric values provide timely and accurate data for senior leaders to determine strategic direction, conduct analysis of trends and identity improvement initiatives.

What continued effort does the Army National Guard have planned for the future?

The ARNG will continue automating metric values from the ARNG EDW and leverage planned IEs with the Logistics Information Warehouse, Installation Status Report Program and General Fund Enterprise Business System. Strategically aligned performance measures will provide the 54 states, territories and District of Columbia with fact based information necessary to make resource informed decisions.


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Army Strategic Management System

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